Saturday, 19 September 2009

Why is the MSM copying each other so obviously (and vigorously)?

I found this article aptly named 'Voters demand EU Referendum if Cameron becomes PM' by Patrick Hennessy and Melissa Kite at the Telegraph. Having listened to Daniel Hannan over at Calling England it appears that I am somewhat of a Field marshal of cynicism for I do not think Mr. Cameron will issue any kind of referendum even if the treaty has not taken legal personality upon entering Westminster. I simply do not trust Mr. Cameron to do what my vote supposes him to do. I do not trust him enough to exercise my democratic power on my behalf. He is as greasy as a barrel full of eels - perfect for politics but rather improper for the descent people who are tired of their country becoming the back and beyond of the Western World.

Back to the article, the copy-paste begins quite unashamedly.

Here is exactly the same article copied straight from (I presume) the Telegraph.

Pressure on Tories over Referendum
by Ananova
Pressure on Tories over Referendum by Loughbrough Echo
Pressure on Tories over Referendum by the Southport Visiter

WTF? Journalistic integrity anyone? Just to draw a parallel with one of the aspects of the Lisbon Treaty - the more law the less justice, they would do well in remembering that. British people might be the most reluctant to stand up to its oppressors (see WWII) but there will be hell to pay if we do. Personally I would prefer to remove Labour from government by force. Losing an election is just not adequate punishment for them for all the utter crap they have put us through.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Read the Broken Compass by Peter Hitchens He explains it.

13th Spitfire said...

I will put it onto my reading list (the bloody thing is a mile long now..)


Richard said...

Yup ... classic coprophagia!

The least they can do if they nick a story is acknowledge the source and add value, with their own input. That makes it a new creation. But they can't even be bothered to do that!

13th Spitfire said...

Yet they wonder why their sales are going down... Sure internet and all that. But I would like to think that when most of us (bloggers) write something at least we seem to have the decency to acknowledge the author of the section we copied.

How very rude of them anyhow.