Saturday, 5 September 2009

When it suits them

I think most of you will recall how most of the MSM used to present the Lisbon Treaty or at least their attempt to invoke to the reader what it meant
The Lisbon Treaty is designed to streamline decision making across the EU block.
Or something along these lines
The treaty - which aims to streamline decision-making in the EU and give the bloc a stronger voice on the world stage
Is it not interesting to learn that they have now changed their tone, that they cannot dupe the public into believing what they want them to believe; that this is just another boring EU treaty which we should no bother our pretty little heads with.

This is from the Times
The treaty — which will create the EU’s first president and end national vetos on several key policy areas.
I wonder when they will change the above to spell out what the treaty really means. I know I have read it and most people who care about the future of this part of the world have as well. But the electorate has not, why would they it is inexplicably boring, but they too it seems have come to realise that the MSM is a spin machine in itself, a government mouthpiece at best and propaganda at worst.

(Really though what has most likely happened is that they wrote the stories about Lisbon back in 2007 and 2008 and went to Wikipedia to find out what is what all about. Subsequently, that is now, they are going "bugger, there was more to it" and have to change their articles a bit to accommodate at least a tiny fraction of the truth. Otherwise we would have a lying media outlet and we couldn't have that now could we?)

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