Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dream Team

A Tory Party consisting of a front bench:-

PM - Dan Hannan
Chancellor - Redwood
Home Secretary - David Davis
Local Government - Carswell
Foreign - Hague


Goodnight Vienna said...

That sounds good. I'd like to see Philip Davies (MP Shipley) in there as well (as anything really). Bill Cash could be our last throw of the dice as Minister for Europe and I'm quite happy with Gove in Education.

The departments need cutting and amalgamating - there are far too many of them under Labour and none of them know wtf they're doing so they outsource to quangos and lobbying groups. That's not government - that's an unelected quangocracy.

13th Spitfire said...

Well of course, that is what leftist socialism does to a country- fucks it over.

However I am not sure who to put on defence... any tips?

Goodnight Vienna said...

Me? I promise to double unemployment by halving the public sector, cutting quangos and fake charities. The money saved will be spent on defence procurement and a re-alignment of the tax code which means slashing the benefits empire and all the cost benefits that accrue.

Maybe not. How about Patrick Mercer?