Monday, 14 September 2009

Is Gordon Brown a robot - really?

Have you ever stopped to think about it really and then I mean really? What if we were to remove his face, just rip it of like that, with a big sharp knife like the one sported by Lt. Aldo Raines in Inglourious Basterds. Would we find flesh and blood or would we find a metal skeleton?

One must give this proposition serious thought for the "man" (if he really is one) really has got no shame at all. Consider it just for a second he sold the majority of our gold reserves when it was at a quarter of the price it is at now i.e. loosing us out on billions of pounds. He is personally responsible for besetting Britain with a debt in excess of a trillion pounds. He and his party have single-handedly brought Britain to her knees, there is not a single party in the history of the United Kingdom which has done this much damage to the UK there really is none. Do recall that there have been some pretty disastrous PM and parties prior to Tony and Gordon. For example these are some of the issues that have been created by the Labour government and they cannot be overstated.
  • Foot and mouth crisis (twice)
  • Farm payments
  • Pensions theft
  • Gold reserves
  • Tax credits
  • Iraq war
  • Under funded ill-equipped Forces
  • PFI
  • Home Office failures
  • Uncontrolled immigration
  • NHS in tatters
  • School standards at the lowest ever
  • Thousands of knee jerk badly written laws
  • Rampant EU fraud
  • EU ignoring its own people
  • EU referendum promise reneged
  • Treaty/ constitution
  • Northern Rock
  • HMRC
  • Lost data – child benefit and dvlc
  • Donorgate
  • Cash for Honours
  • Single families
  • Economy in complete tatters
  • First time buyers taken out of market
  • Rich and poor divide becoming bigger
  • Plenty of tax rises – both direct and indirect
  • Uncontrolled private sector
  • Crime out of control
  • Young deaths
  • Guns on our streets
  • No Election
  • Catholics are to become Sovereigns annuling the Acts of Supremacy 1559 (actually there are so many things that New Labour have done which have annulled old acts that it really is pointless to make an issue of it. I just wanted to give this one as an example).
  • Afghan war
  • Quangos controlling parliament
  • Financial crisis
And so on.

So I am thinking... What if he really, really really is a metal robot? Conspiracy theorist gone mad? Well maybe but is there really any other option? He is mad of course but maybe that is because someone is controlling him with a joystick!!!! Be aware I might not be able to post any more for I have revealed the awful truth and MI6 will be after me like Muslims after recognition of their victimisation.
It is late, give me a break.


subrosa said...

The problem is we've been so brainwashed over the years we no longer notice what is going on around us.

People feel powerless and afraid.

13th Spitfire said...

Brainwashed yes, but I think people really are starting to see through it now. Whenever a new government report comes out about how bad this and that is and how Labour has supposedly saved us from greater damage, people just go "aow, fuck of you nitwits we see through you".

We can get back on track but I do not think we can ever allow a Labour government to hold office again. Britain would not survive it seeing as she is clinging on as it is by the skin of her teeth.