Saturday, 26 September 2009

Outside of EU - British entrepreneurialism flourish

This is an article which I shall continue tomorrow but I will just write down the basic points now so I do not forget the damned thing.

When we have left the EU there is a potentially massive market for stuff, and I say 'stuff' with a massive emphasis of ambiguity, which is not anymore bound by ridiculous EU rules and directives. Like steam trains in the UK not being able to get fucking coal from the UK but have to get it from Russia because of shipping legislation. I propose that if the UK can be seen as a safe haven from the EU and its directives, companies will positively flood back to the UK because of its soft-touch approach to business legislation. R&D centres will formally pop up everywhere because there is so little bureaucracy (of course this involves convincing the then government to repeal a lot of acts) and no EU madness to hamper the prospects of science and innovation.

Remember the EU has not legislated business per se, but the way it is practised with a billion forms to fill out to buy e.g. a drill.

What is more since the UK is a net importer of goods that means that companies would flock here anyway because we are not only a net importer but also the second largest economy in Europe after Germany. The EU might threaten with trade embargoes because we left them, but companies would scarcely care; they want to do business and make money. Money always comes before politics - the laws of legislature are silent in boardrooms most, if not all, of the time. Why do you reckon companies dump so much crap in the oceans even though it is 'not allowed'?

Makes sense does it not?

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Richard said...

Plenty of opportunities in Africa, it seems.