Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gordon Brown is ill?

If this is true I do sincerely feel very sorry for the man. I or should I say 'we' the collective blogosphere are without a doubt his worst critics for we are not censored and we do speak our minds. However if this turns out to be true I cannot help but to feel ashamed of myself. I say 'however' for this is either a very distasteful smear attempt, even by opposition standards, or it is a desperate cry for help.

"The Prime Minister of Great Britain is a man too ill to be holding the Office." This was the conclusion last week of a senior civil servant liaising regularly with Gordon Brown. For reasons which will become clear, the person involved will not go public with the evidence for this conclusion. The same applies to a high-ranking Treasury official who told us "In both a physical and mental sense, the Prime Minister is a very sick man, seriously disabled." Three years ago, an Opposition MP told nby "He is on extremely heavy doses of cutting-edge anti-depressants, but so far they have made little difference". And during the last fortnight, another high-ranking government source claimed "He is now on pills which restrict the foods he can eat and what he can drink. He is losing the sight of his good eye quite rapidly. It's a mess, and nobody knows what to do".
Does anyone know the legislative mechanics involved and required for this sort of situation?

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