Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is it worth fighting?

Having now gone over what I perceive to be my daily round of the MSM and independent blogs which purvey they stories as they really happened, I must ask is it worth fighting anymore? Are we winning the battles but loosing the war? Sure, Guido has his moments and sometimes he really gets a rotten egg or two, and forces them out of office. But that person is always replaced. Yes, Hannan is an amazing orator as well as a good author but being vehemently academically eurosceptic does not turn politics around, for the "people who matter" as Barosso so patronizingly did not refer to us British, are not listening.

Last week a poll showed that the support for a 'yes' vote had dropped, good news we all thought, they are finally seeing reason. Yet today it seems as if 2/3 intend to vote 'yes' instead. Ok that may well be the situation, but we solider on and we will overthrow this leviathan one day, after all Cameron has precious little options left for him should the Irish vote 'yes' this time around. However with Cameron you cannot be certain of anything and certainly not anything as principally requiring as the EU. The Economist have him as a "eurosceptic" whilst the most us, I would hazard a guess, know that he is nothing of the sort. Dave along with the Tories wont do anything to jeopardise the 'project' we know that. As if to confirm this; in 2007, the latest complete year for which accounts are available, Britain received 4.2 billion euros (£3.7 billion) compared with 6.9 billion euros given to Germany, £6.9 billion euros going to Spain and 5.9 billion euros to Italy. The biggest winner was France, which received 10.3 billion euros. What does big bright and dandy Tory spokesman on Europe, Mark Francois, say about this then
"There are serious problems with the EU budget and it badly needs reform.There was a great opportunity to achieve it when the last budget was agreed in 2005, but thanks to the government's cack-handed negotiations nothing was done."
My dear friend you have been trying to reform it since 1972, when are you going to realise that no such thing is possible. It is not a coincidence that the system works like it does, this is the final design, the master blue print, a perfect being needs no change - stop deluding yourself. It is all very well feeding the voters all that horse-poo of how you are going to reform the EU but surely you could at least try to sound sincere could you not?

That front is being lost as well. As was expected I suppose, what with the Union (the British one) about to be cracked open as well, it is very timely indeed. A second front then, the one in Afghanistan which our proud MoD is fighting so hard to cling onto. One would expect that with such a commitment the British Armed Forces must be getting the very best treatment in the world as proof of their invaluable service to the United Kingdom - well you would think that would you not, it stands up to reason so why not to the MoD?

British troops, including many injured on front line duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, are to be eased out of the army in an efficiency drive being overseen by Kevan Jones, the veterans’ minister. Smashing indeed. At the same time John Barrowman reckons that contestants in talent shows should get treatment after having appeared in such a show. Yes, poor contestants lets spend tax-payer money on unfulfilled egos who had to face up to, voluntarily, the harsh British public - I hope they get all the treatment they need, at least, suffice to say, the troops are not.

This may not be such a jolly 'my take on events' section as displayed by other blogs, notably Iain Dale and Subrosa. I ask what is the point? We can all trot around the blogosphere in our little groups and talk about the problems that beset our once great nation - in truth little are we doing, like marching and protesting, against the foes themselves. What is the point?

'Apocalyptic' and 'Fatalist' people will scream and shout at the above content, I conquer who would not? But that is the harsh reality, being pragmatic is not a crime. Being a soul-quenching optimist at a point when the country most needs its stern, realistic managers that is one.

Addendum: For the small claque of you who find pleasure in reading my blog I thank you for your wisdom and comments. I can assure you for all my cynicism I will never stop fighting. As Margaret Mead said
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

PS. Watch out for the coming 'series' on Constitutional Vandalism. Why was the Lord Chancellor's department really abolished in favour of a Ministry of Justice? Why did Jack Straw remove the dress code for the judiciary? Stay tuned!

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Goodnight Vienna said...

I agree: we might win skirmishes but, from what I've read so far this morning, we're losing the war. (I'm giving myself a headache reading through that leaked 175-page EU report). And, I'll be giving others a headache too when I post the list of all the .pdfs I'm finding. It's too far advanced - national governments, media, think-tanks, quangos, lobby groups - all are colluding against the people. All are being dishonest. Excuse me while I go to search for my tin foil hat.