Thursday, 24 September 2009

Flog what is left of Britain never mind the bollocks

New Labour are supposed to represent socialist ideas as epitomised by the Fabian society. They were frantically upset back in the 80's when Thatcher and her Tories went around selling all the public companies of the United Kingdom including such prominent features as the National Engineering Laboratory (we sure could need that now when we when there is hole of 20,000 engineers missing in the British industry sector). There is a common misconception that New Labour have been better and that they have not been vigorously trying to forward their own personal agendas, by that account I mean of course feeding their on psyche by getting richer and richer all the time completely disregarding the ideals of socialism. To date what have these hypocrites sold of since they came to power in 1997 (this is an ongoing article which I cannot possibly compose in one go since there are so many national industries that have been disposed of since 1997).

DERA (Defence Evaluation Research Agency)
Royal Mail
London Underground
British Energy
Council Housing
British Nuclear Fuels
British Nuclear Group
33% Atomic Weapons Establishment
Royal Mint (This has not actually been sold, yet, but they are planning to. Which again highlights the economic/financial brilliance of New Labour: Who in their right mind would sell anything in these times?)

(The picture accompanying this piece allures to what kind of people you will end up with if more and more of his daily services become more expensive by the day, suffice to say the government will need more than their largely defunct (in the sense of public appreciation of) police service to stop a hoard of him).

Also selling all industries and at the same time failing millions of youngsters who cannot find jobs that is a tad short sighted. Further when 80% of new jobs are going to immigrants perhaps it is time to stop and ask what kind of a society do we want in the future. No doubt most immigrants are hard-working yet regardless of this; jobs are supposed to an integral part of passing from boy to manhood. How is this possible if there are no jobs?

Really I am asking how much more family silver is remaining for this government to flog off. What happens when there's nothing else to sell?

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