Sunday, 27 September 2009

A new UKIP slogan

Doing the daily rounds of the newspapers at 3 in the morning is always good for your health I find. Anyhow everything is shit as usual, education system is hopelessly screwed and the best brains are heading to America where academics can be just that and not social bloody engineering a la New Labour. Immigration is out of control in Greece where they have roughly 500-1000 new people arriving each day. They think the answer to this problem is the EU. Dream on. Most people though wont stay there they will come to the UK because our benefits system suits them, oh and also, apparently, our democracy. They have got another thing coming on the latter part.

Having read most of the comments, where the MSM graciously, allowed them, we find that UKIP have a new election slogan, which is quite a good one I think (for a dysfunctional party):

Release your inner Tory, Vote UKIP

Perhaps it is just easier to sod it all and move to some forlorn country where there is nothing but grass and sheep and no bloody people who congregate to create further misery for their fellow human beings. Yes, that is the easy way.

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