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50 Lies about loving the EU

I found this link on the "Independent" (yeah, right) and it is called '50 reasons to love the EU' (admittedly it is a bit old, 2007, but I love discrediting the EU). Now I can imagine that it did not strike any reverberant chords with the British public, in fact I know it did not. But I thought I would publish the entire list and discredit every single point. The embarrassing part is that I am able to this, as a non-partisan, private, non-journalist blogger, whilst the Independent (the newspaper) were probably sent the list by the Commission itself. Chop-chop, copy paste and there you go; a pro-EU stance without having a fucking clue what you have written. Now, I read the damn thing just to keep track on things but most of it really is complete Horse shit. Again I will recommend to you NewsNow which covers pretty much all British news published online including some prominent blogs as well.

50 reasons to love the European Union

1 The end of war between European nations

No, NATO was solely responsible for that not the EU.

2 Democracy is now flourishing in 27 countries

Yes, clearly we can see that especially with the Irish having to vote twice on exactly the same treaty. A process which the Danes had to go through as well with the Maastricht Treaty. Democracy EU style.

3 Once-poor countries, such as Ireland, Greece and Portugal, are prospering

Not thanks to the EU.

4 The creation of the world's largest internal trading market

To the detriment of poorer nations notably most in Africa not to say our innability to trade with the Commonwealth properly.

5 Unparalleled rights for European consumers

This existed before the EU...

6 Co-operation on continent-wide immigration policy

How is that a good thing? Countries with lax immigration policies flock to the richer nations where they do not have lax immigration policies, but are bound by EU law to let everyone in from another EU state. Ergo, the whole system becomes defunct as it is broken down thanks to other EU nations being unable to keep track of their borders.

7 Co-operation on crime, through Europol

2001, the Europol Head Quarter in The Hague was raided by a special Dutch police team following the arrest of a French official on the accusation of forgery. But new trouble is underway: confidential documents of the Dutch police show that Europol is a disfunctioning organisation. The more law the less justice.

8 Laws that make it easier for British people to buy property in Europe

And vice versa, in fact those laws would not be needed at all if we were not in the EU. If a person has enough money to buy a property outside of the UK then we can safely assume that this person is well of. If the person is well of the host nation will want him or her because he is an asset, a wealth creator who's net contribution to the economy will be very positive. Nations bend over backwards to attract rich people.

9 Cleaner beaches and rivers throughout Europe

He appears to be confusing Europe with the EU. The latest figures show that 97 per cent of beaches and rivers in England and Wales are safe for bathing according to strict European standards. However this is a fall from the record 99 per cent in 2006 and 98 per cent in 2007.

10 Four weeks statutory paid holiday a year for workers in Europe

And for the companies which cannot afford this I ask what is the option for them?

11 No death penalty (it is incompatible with EU membership)

Well, the death penalty remained on the statute book for certain other offences until 1998. Britain joined the EEC in 1972. Besides the death penalty is perceived as being appropriate for certain crimes depending on who you ask. Just because the EU does not approve of it does not mean that it necessarily is an evil in itself.

12 Competition from privatised companies means cheaper phone calls

And state owned companies are forced to doom because state intervention is prohibited under EU rules. Letting a company fail is a necessary evil in free market economics, however little regard is paid to the thousands of workers who happend to be employed by said company. Moreover the EU itself hands out subsidies to pan European companies, contradicting its own rules, thus it must be safe to assume that cheaper phone calls must come back and bite the company somewhere - most likely at the salaries for the lowest paid employes.

13 Small EU bureaucracy (24,000 employees, fewer than the BBC)

I think that must be the biggest lie since Soviet democracy.

In 2008 the figures are as follows:

  • The Commission had 25537 permanent posts and 483 temporary posts
  • The European Parliament had 5004 permanent posts and 936 temporary posts
  • The Council had 3 461 permanent posts and 36 temporary posts
  • The European Court of Justice had 1455 permanent posts and 438 temporary posts
  • The European Ombudsman had 15 permanent posts and 42 temporary posts
"Small" how is this "small"? Not to mention the fact that they move Parliament every now and again to Strasbourg.

14 Making the French eat British beef again

While in the four weeks ending June 17th 2007, over 56 per cent of fresh beef sold through Asda was imported which means less than 44 per cent was British. Whilst they think they are eating British beef they are not really since farmers and exporters alike are ignoring an EU directive which forbids the mixing, or co-mingling, of beef from different countries of origin in the same section of their chill cabinets.

15 Minority languages, such as Irish, Welsh and Catalan recognised and protected

Yeah, this has nothing at all to do with the EU. For example the Welsh Language Act 1993 was passed on the back of another act the Welsh Language Act 1967. Going even further the Welsh Courts Act 1942 allowed the use of Welsh in Welsh courts provided no one was at a disadvantage as a cause of the language barrier. Again the EU has nothing at all to with the protection of these languages or any minority languages for that matter.

16 Europe is helping to save the planet with regulatory cuts in CO2

Eventhough there is a clear divide in the scientific community as to what exactly is causing global warming. While the lobbyists of Brussels are making top dollars (euros) selling 'Green' products. That "Save the Planet" gimmick might work for brainded bureacrats but do not try pulling with people who are prepared to hear the other side of the story.

17 One currency from Bantry to Berlin (but not Britain)

Yes that has done them all very well now has it not? How are the exports going exactly? Not to well I imagine seeing as the exchange rate between the Euro and world currencies is attrocious.

18 Europe-wide travel bans on tyrants such as Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe

Odd, Mugabe was in Britan and Belgium in 2001. As for the 'Tyrant' argument I seem to recall that he was given a knighthood by the Queen. One day a saviour another day a tyrrant, I suppose we the British had nothing to do with it either...

Now I am bored of this, it is not point lecturing people who do not want to learn anyway. I am sure you will not have any trouble discrediting the rest.

19 The EU gives twice as much aid to developing countries as the United States

20 Strict safety standards for cars, buses and aircraft

21 Free medical help for tourists

22 EU peacekeepers operate in trouble spots throughout the world

23 Europe's single market has brought cheap flights to the masses, and new prosperity for forgotten cities

24 Introduction of pet passports

25 It now takes only 2 hrs 35 mins from London to Paris by Eurostar

26 Prospect of EU membership has forced modernisation on Turkey

27 Shopping without frontiers gives consumers more power to shape markets

28 Cheap travel and study programmes means greater mobility for Europe's youth

29 Food labelling is much clearer

30 No tiresome border checks (apart from in the UK)

31 Compensation for passengers suffering air delays

32 Strict ban on animal testing for the cosmetic industry

33 Greater protection for Europe's wildlife

34 Regional development fund has aided the deprived parts of Britain

35 European driving licences recognised across the EU

36 Britons now feel a lot less insular

37 Europe's bananas remain bent, despite sceptics' fears

38 Strong economic growth - greater than the United States last year

39 Single market has brought the best continental footballers to Britain

40 Human rights legislation has protected the rights of the individual

41 European Parliament provides democratic checks on all EU laws

42 EU gives more, not less, sovereignty to nation states

43 Maturing EU is a proper counterweight to the power of US and China

44 European immigration has boosted the British economy

45 Europeans are increasingly multilingual - except Britons, who are less so

46 Europe has set Britain an example how properly to fund a national health service

47 British restaurants now much more cosmopolitan

48 Total mobility for career professionals in Europe

49 Europe has revolutionised British attitudes to food and cooking

50 Lists like this drive the Eurosceptics mad

He got me on this one, I must give it to him. At least some Euorphiles have humour unlike Hans-Gert Pöttering or should I say Muossolini reincarnated with a slight touch of paranoia.

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