Thursday, 3 September 2009

Speaker or Streaker, Balls or Squalls?

I am on no one's side since no one is on my side. Tory or UKIP neither represents what I truly believe in however... were on of them to marry the other now there is a thought.

I suppose it has crossed everyone's path by now that John Bercow is going to be challenged for his seat in Buckinghamshire by UKIP's Nigel Farage. This goes against Pariliamentary convention; that no party should stand in the constituency held by the speaker.

Convention you say...

Well it is also convention not to rip off the tax payer, to adhere to the traditions of parliament that office and its centuries-old traditions are much bigger than the man and it speaks volumes of Bercow's character when he threw them out, to no sign away sovereignty etcetera. 'Convention' is a dead concept in British politics for no one has any honour left to devote to a hollow parliament.

Again and again and again, parliament does not hold the legislative to account anymore. We do. Neither has it passed by that Bercow is a voluptuous party swinger and a dirty on at that. The Tories sure as hell did not vote him into office Labour did for the soul reason of annyoing the Tories. But hey why would they put the needs of parliament before the needs of their party, that would be a fantastical prospect that we could actually see beyond petty party squibbling and restore faith in parliament.

To hell with Britain eyy? As long they have their party they are OK...

Take your pick Buckinghamshire; either this:

Or this:

Note: Of course I am going to pick videos where Bercow looks like a complete arse and Farage like Nelson. I do not like Bercow one bit but I find Farage very entertaining and outspoken.

I too am neither completely ignorant of Farage's dealings with the EU parliament where his expenses amount to 2 million euros (rather that questioning that claim ought we not question why it is that MEPs can claim in excess of 2 million euros). However he claimed it was for a good cause, that of supporting the UKIP's campaign in the UK. The BNP are doing the same thing as are most minor parties, around Europe, with few MEPs in Brussels who do not have the massive donor support as sported by the Main Three; Labour, Tories and LibDems. However whether he did or did not do it to benefit UKIP as a party I will leave for the reader to decide.


Goodnight Vienna said...

I find this very encouraging - if I lived in Bucks I know who'd get my vote. It would be really interesting if Farage won; he'd then have to resign as an MEP and take up a seat at Westminster - I look forward to his speeches, if he wins. There'd also probably be a new challenge for the Speaker - Bercow is a pompous ass and not very well liked, even amongst the Labour MPs who voted for him. Happy Days!

13th Spitfire said...

Yes Very happy days indeed, I do say though that reality will kick us in the face. Overturning his majority will be near impossible. Apparently he is liked as an MP as well - quite how that is possible I do not know. Pompus prick...