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Radical Islam? No, Furious Britons

More than four hundred years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.
Those were the words of one 'V' in the movie V for Vendetta which has now become synonymous with people taking on the government in the UK - those who are truly fed up with the whole shenanigans of this office. Naturally Guy Fawkes held this position long before Ms. Evy Hammond a.k.a. Natalie Portman shaved her head.

The movie did something else it gave birth to another form of resistance, the one we are fighting today albeit online. How many bloggers own a Guy Fawkes mask as sported in the motion picture? Quite a few I would guess, some have even taken it upon themselves to epitomise this great citizen notably Old Holborn. More significantly however is that the battle for the future is not waged in the streets nor in Whitehall it is waged online - everyone seems to know this except the 5th column placemen who are now firmly entrenched in every level of our local and national government. Cameron, as said many times before, will need to wage war against these people to whom the object of destroying the UK far outweighs the object of improving it.

This leads us to the main topic of this entry namely not that Labour has radicalised Muslims but they have severely pissed of the nation and I do not mean that in a Thatcher pissed-of way, that was bad enough, but this is something wildly different as will be shown.

We all know that this regime, we are a democracy trapped in a swastika, is taking a silk glove approach to Muslim Extremism in the UK. Lets get a few things very straight before we launch ourselves into this debate. Commonly we say that there are only a minority of people who are really involved in Muslims Extremism - the kind where they plot to blow us up or themselves for that matter. However there is something else which I think must be given a grouping for itself a second tier sort to speak. These are the very large number of young men who comport themselves as defenders of Islam shouting "Allahu Akbar" in front of, well everything they see which looks like a microphone or a police officer.

These are people which will need a hard push or a really hard kick to really slide them into the warm hug of extremism. But they are angry no doubt (and seem to have little understanding for free speech) and they are directing that anger towards the UK for some inexplicable reason (that was sarcasm, we invaded 'Muslim' countries so we are thus baddies, no really we are at least for the Iraq war, I fully agree with the Afghan war). But even more so what we are doing is pandering to their differences. We allow them to come here and set up camp but not take part in Britain's way of doing things. Some argue that this is because we have lost our identity as a nation - and really we are not being greatly helped by our educators either. Others argue it is because we are British and imposing our values on immigrants well that would just be racist now would it not? Some think it is because media is severely twisting the facts (this is really a non-issue for we all know that it is true but for distinctness sake). Remember those three handsome young men who thought it a jolly idea to blow up some more planes, well here is how the media covered the story (you will notice of course which ones are the mouthpiece of the government)

The Times: Islamic extremists guilty of airline bomb plot.
The Daily Mail: Islamic extremist guilty of liquid bomb plot to blow up transatlantic jets.
The Daily Telegraph: Britain is at war with Islamist militants.

BBC: Three guilty of airline bomb plot.
The Guardian: Three guilty of transatlantic bomb plot.

I argue, however that our identity is hidden beneath a coat of 13 years of New Labour hegemony and a bit of Major government thrown in there for good measure. Believe in coincidences if you wilt but it is not so when suddenly the fundamental cornerstones of the glue that binds a nation together suddenly disappear. This is everything ranging from teaching British history in schools to the character of Parliament and the people who supposedly are in it to serve us as they rule on our behalf. Moreover Britain is or rather was a truly fantastic country in all its little peculiarities which made her stand out amongst the great nations of the world. All countries have their culture even though some larger entities are actively seeking to abolish them. But we have always done things in some very strange but yet adoring ways. You will note that in the 90s and in this decade there have been not one but 11 acts which have changed face of Britain forever. I have only included the ones under New Labour but even so this is an astonishing amount of acts filed under 'Constitutional Matters' (on this blog we have talked a lot about the new Supreme Court which we do not agree with at all) for any government to propose and pass. And of course they were all done under the dubious aegis of reform. As such following the slew of constitutional changes introduced after Labour came to power in 1997, the constitution analysed by Bagehot and Dicey no longer exists at all. For the records...
  • House of Lords Act 1999
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • Civil Contingencies Act 2004
  • Constitutional Reform Act 2005
  • Scotland Act 1998
  • Scottish Adjacent Waters Boundaries Order 1999
  • Government of Wales Act 2006
  • Government of Wales Act 1998
  • Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000
  • Registration of Political Parties Act 1998
No doubt this will end up as a disaster, a bit like the man who thought it up, Blair, a poor QC in his time, who never really did very much in the field of law. Most of the most important reforms that have been undertaken were said to have been thought up over a glass of whiskey or on the back of a letter. I might be overzealous on this issue but have shot of about 6 mails to the Mr. Dominic Grieve, if the Conservatives intend to repeal most of them or create new ones of their own so as to mark their opportunism as a progressive party, something which seems to be in vogue these days. After all they are Conservatives but what precisely are they Conserving?

You see dear reader radical Islam is not only getting fuel to flame from our own self-serving educators but from the very essence of Parliament from the executive to the legislature. We are not dying as a nation nor is British culture, not in the least, but our constitutional way of pouring a bottle of Port will never look the same again.

Where does this leave ordinary Britons then? Those who just want to live happily as before, having a pint down at the local pub (before they were all shut down) or watching the footy. Well some thing is a foot, something which has not really happened before in the UK at least not on this scale. The British people are really pissed of. But as is one of our trade marks; we do not do revolutions over here, it is not our thing. We would rather have a cup of tea than rally outside parliament (though a few die-hard very commendable souls are doing just that at this very minute, and have been doing so for the past few years) and vent and express our anger. Who can for example cannot recall the now infamous words of Lord Ahmed when he said that 10,000 Muslims would rally outside Parliament if a private House of Lords committee viewed Fitna produced by Gert Wilders. Lo and Behold not a single person showed up, neither did the democratically elected Gert Wilders.

What of far right then and all that immigration business? I think Leg-Iron produced a very succinct and astute observation as to this end
Shouting 'Racist' at anyone who disagrees, on any subject, for the last decade has immunised the general population against the word. People are called 'racist' for any disagreement on any subject, whether race is involved or not. So the word has lost all power. You might as well call them 'poltroons' and 'bounders' now.

Now, the new tag applied to anyone who objects to anything is 'far right'. In the eyes of the Socialists, anyone 'far right' wants oppression and absolute control and violent suppression of anyone who disagrees. Socialists don't understand irony.
Privately of course people will say that they have had quite enough of mass immigration, draconian laws, 'soft' touch approach to Muslim Extremism, a failed state etcetera. But now it seems a few group (EDL and Casuals United among others) are taking action, albeit in a form which is not very nice admittedly, but nonetheless it is some form of action - agree or disagree protesting against Islam is as much a cause as protesting (?) for the implementation of Sharia law in the UK. Note though these are groups protesting against radical Islam and not the religion itself. Most religions can be quite lovely when you do not take them literally which is precisely what fundamentalism is all about be it in America or in Saudi Arabia. The media and main parties of course are trying to victimise the shouting young men who not only heckled returning soldiers and nearly had their heads ripped of by the Luton crowd, but were also labeled 'anti-fascist' by the MSM. As Leg-Iron noted
The press struggle to spin news of the riots to make the Muslims the victim. Nobody is falling for it any more. They throw around the 'far-right' label and nobody knows what it is. Especially when applied to groups that espouse no political views at all. Far-right football fans? Far-right bald men? Is every bald white man far-right now? Should we expect to see football crowds goose-stepping to the stadium?
Do the media even know what a fascist is anymore? It is a very dangerous word to throw around seemingly unchecked and most importantly unchallenged. It is just taken as fact when a media outlet claims that this and that is fascist for we have come to, rightly, fear fascism. But somewhere a long the line the MSM got the notion that they had the carte blanche to label anyone a fascist for the way he dressed, drank, ate, read, walked, ran or any other arbitrary attribute they dreamt up as being sensationalist enough to render a spot in the paper or website.

This is all very well, you cannot expect the media to actually produce quality journalism these days, they are struggling to stay alive and keep sales up. 'Quantity over quality' is the maxim for papers now and you cannot really blame them for that. But one would have thought that journalists at least had some integrity and independence. However when councils are actively seeking to abolish one form of protest (though they failed) and favouring another then we really are bordering on true fascism on behalf of the state - I cannot be frank enough about the severity of these actions. 'Double standards' and 'freedom of speech' the latter must always take precedence if we are to lay any claims of being a "democratic island".

'Get to the bloody point' I imagine some of you are thinking at this stage. We are getting there now for we are to tackle the issue of the BNP. I said that Britons were furious and I meant it. The BNP is the outlet of this anger but it seems as if the MSM are expecting it to die down for reason come the election. This is a very odd approach, people only turned to the BNP for they felt they were being betrayed by the main three. The main three have failed Britain miserably. Few can contend this I imagine. The BNP is at the fringe and really the only alternative left for normal working class people who were being overwhelmed by the disastrous failure in every policy area under the New Labour tenure.

Consider past European Elections results for the BNP

2009: 943,598 (6.4% of total) - First Two MEPs
2004: 808,200 (4.2%)
1999: 102,647

A worrying trend, consider now past General Elections results for the BNP

1983: (0.0% of total) 14,621
1987: 0.0 553
1992: 0.1 7,631
1997: 0.1 35,832
2001: 0.2 47,129
2005: 0.7 192,746

Not as worrying perhaps but we still have a general election next year and things are looking very good for the BNP sadly.

Here it is, the conclusion you have been waiting for. Basically, there are two parties to choose the next government from and neither of them is allowed under EU diktat to mess with immigration rules. That is one of the biggest problems right there 'neither of them is allowed under EU diktat to mess with immigration rules' - most people know that now and, I believe, are sick to the bone of it. Being unable to influence the big three they must turn elsewhere. I have nothing else to go by but polls so you will excuse my utilization of them, but if they are true then the 'other' parties now make up 15% of the parliament were there an election tomorrow. Yes, the BNP is only represented by 1-2% But that is still 1-2 MPs and that is an outrage in itself - not because they were elected but that fascism has made it way to the Palace and we just sat by and did nothing, thinking that our 'multiculturalism' approach to immigration would save the day.

(Blimey! That was a long post).

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