Saturday, 31 October 2009

So out of tune...

We all know that our politicians are hopelessly out of tune with public opinion so also the MSM but few could have got it as wrong as Arch-Twat David Aaranovitch...
"Migration can enrich us economically and culturally. But politicians are not brave enough to put the positive case"
Has the man been on holiday for the past few weeks, unfamiliar with the BNP acronym are we Mr. Aaranovitch? Look at the comments dear reader I daresay you will find one which is positive of Mr. Aaranovitch's comment (I did not).

For the record between 1997-2007, a net 2.7 million immigrants (ONS figures however and as such government figures which cannot be trusted) were let into the country of those roughly 500,000 were from the EU and the majority of which can be expected to return. These figures do not take into account the illegal immigrant figure nor the 'asylum' seeker figure (with apostrophes since international law states that anyone who is seriously at threat from foes in ones home country must seek asylum in the first country he or she enters when fleeing. Britain is the last fucking country in Europe and then you hit the Atlantic Ocean! Is it not amazing that they all manage to somehow avoid; France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Austria, the Ukraine, Russia etcetera - I know that these countries have their fair share of asylum seekers as well but none have as liberal asylum laws as the UK where you as an asylum seeker can expect £40 a week for your troubles, a small fortune for most asylum seekers). If you want a full analysis of what has really been going on I suggest you read this.

Then of course we have the ignominious Baroness Warsi who pointed out to Nick Griffin last week that 'asylum' is an actual legal term. Not wishing to blow Mr. Griffin's trumpet, for the man is very strange but he has a law degree and knows, as do most of us, that 'asylum' is a judicial nomenclature which is being manipulated and exploited by people who simple want to come here for the country's very generous benefits system. By doing this of course they are sidelining the people who really are being persecuted by the deranged regimes of their origin, people which the UK could with all likelihood help with great success were we not flooded with simple crooks who do not have the common decency to work. I am a student, I work, why must I pay tax to people who do not care for anything but themselves? Tax which could have helped war-ravaged minds who need serious professional help from the likes of the NHS and the FCO. But instead that money is used to feed the system which our politicians are too pathetic to reform it to an end whose means could help asylum seekers from countries like Bonker-Burma or Irrational-Iran.


Addendum: For those of you who did not know the literary device of using three dots or '...' is called an ellipsis.

Albert Burgess

What an epic tale...

And you gullible little Guardianistas/FT think that this will all go away once Lisbon is passed? It will grow like nothing you have seen before, the 40-50% who want out now will grow to 60-70% and then to unity. Eventually someone will have to listen; representative democracy only works as long as we trust people to represent us. Suffice to say they are in very hot water as it stands and no "Parliamentary scrutiny committee" can do anything to rectify what it took 300 years for previous ministers of the Crown to build and nourish: 'trust'.

Tony Blair might become President of the EU - so what? We do not trust him.
David Cameron might become PM of this country - so what? We do not trust him, unless he proves us wrong in all his assumptions about him.

I should campaign to become president I reckon. The first thing I would do would be to close the damn thing down.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Why bother voting anyway?

+++NOTE you have to listen to this whilst reading this piece if you want to understand the full meaning of it!+++

The choice is between a Labour big government socialist bent on self enrichment or a Tory big government socialist bent on self enrichment. All the important decisions are now taken in Brussels anyway, making voting a pointless charade.

Writing these short soundbites is obviously a pointless exercise since they bring nothing new to this world which no one did not already know. It does serve the purpose of revealing and displaying the feeling of sincere apathy and helplessness in one who previously believed in Great Britain but now finds himself wondering what there is left to believe in? The tourists come here and marvel and our great palace that serves as Parliament, gaze in awe at the fantastic building housing the 'Supreme Court' (ignorant of its short but black history) and comment upon the flashy Neo/Gothic/Victorian building which is Portcullis house. They fly away again quickly as they came with a sense of greatness of Britain - 'what a marvellous country, such democracy such fine people etcetera.'

They do not know the dark truth that lingers beneath all the make-believe faces that dispose a sense of wellbeing amongst the population. You say that most people do not care about politics but they do care about their country, for everything they do or say influence the way in which Britain moves forward, that is the circle of life that encapsulates humanity. You can cut the frustration with a knife that is the full extent of the problem encircling all echelons of society today. But they cannot do anything about it for whoever they vote for will not do what they wish; reduce immigration, retain and expand public ownership, remove the shackles of the EU and reduce the size of the state. The Tories wont do any of this as little as Obama did few of the things he promised whilst on election parade.

People are despairing and extremism is the politics of despair, pity that our masters cannot see history repeating itself until it is too late. When they have acknowledged this they will chant of course that they knew this was coming yet little did they do about it. 'England expects' they will say drawing disgusting parallels between themselves and Lord Nelson but we will only reply 'what, tell us what we expect, what is your take on the Vox Populi Mr. Government - what?'

My two cents? ('as if the past thousand cents have not been enough you utter twat' you say) Thank god for Newton's Third Law. I have not doubt that I am far too inconsequential to be on the governments' 'watch' list but I am certain that a fair few bloggers are. What makes me happy in the end is that the people always win. It might take months, years, decades but we always win in the end for you cannot stop a uniform force who have a generic idea of the way we want to live our life. Ever stopped to think why the British are honoured with the bulldog? It is lazy creature, eats a lot and sleeps a lot, it can be unbelievably cuddly and compromising if it wants to, rarely if ever losses its temper even if you shout at it, scream at it or even push it around - it merely yawns and turns the other cheek. But it will only be pushed so far before it bites. We have yet to bite we are still at the sleeping stage but we are surely being pushed around, pray that those forces know when to stop.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Martin Bell knows how to write

I ripped this from Daniel Hannan's blog but it truly deserves to be reproduced everywhere. On the EU
They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger or honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street?
Smile at us, pay us, pass us, but do not quite forget:
For we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet.
By Martin Bell.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Little Englanders

There are plenty of French and German domestic equivalents of 'Little Englanders'. They're just not ashamed of it. Only we Brits do the fabulous double act of enforcing unpopular EU rules on ourselves and enjoying self-abasement whenever a streak of non-conformity hoves onto the horizon.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Poltics and Spotify

I am not entirely sure if ye older readers are aware of the amazing software this is Spotify, if you are not I sincerely suggest you increase your musical horizons for it is quite useful. Anyhow some of you who do use the service might know that a couple of days ago the tories started to air their adds in between the songs. They state the obvious of course; sensationalist soundbites which they hope will encourage younger people like me to grasp the seriousness of the situation and ergo vote for the 'right' party which naturally is the Tories.

Before I go into why this is so monumentally stupid let me just remind you all where they Tories got their name from. The name originally applied in the 17th century to Irish Roman Catholic outlaws and bandits who harassed the English in Ireland. In the reign of Charles II the name came to be applied as an abusive term to supporters of the Crown. The word comes from the Irish word 'toraighe' which means 'pursue'. Which is quite apt seeing as the official name of the party is the Conservatives but I am seriously starting to ask myself what on earth are they conserving? The Great British pub? The superb armed forces? Centuries upon centuries of history which have laid the foundation stones of Britain today? (no they wont repeal the smoking ban and actually make people responsible for their own actions, no they are going to cut major defence projects and troop numbers, they wont repeal all the ridiculous constitutional "reform" acts which have beset the past two decades and have utterly destroyed parliament as we once knew it)

As such you might wonder what this has to do with Spotify? The person explains how Gordon Brown has created a massive debt for the country. We know this, it is hard to miss. Yet it is not as if Cameron's, Howard's or Major's tories have not been complacent in destroying this once very great nation (with or without empire) - look at the Tory voting record in Brussels for example they nearly always voted in favour for giving more power to Brussels at the expense of national parliaments. This was during the EPP time and you might say that that will all change because Cameron has pulled the party out of the integrationist leviathan. Bollocks to that, look at Cameron he is Tony Blair with flaky hair no different at all. He is winging on the referendum, he only pulled the Tories out of the EPP so he would win the party leadership. He does not care about being Blair's lapdog - as little as Blair cared for being Bush's lap dog all those years ago.

Policies? Stick another logo on them and they might as well have come from LibDem HQ or Labour HQ they are that similar. This leads you to believe that while Brown is utterly disastrous as a leader and minister how on earth will Cameron be different? He has not character and appears to be basing all his policies on the whims of the media and not of the people - they may be the most ludicrous of whims but that is what representative democracy is all about: to represent the electorate for that is the power you have been given ON LOAN.
While Mr. Cameron might think that he is being progressive (I do not know how the fuck he ever could have got that into his head but rest assured he has) by introducing all women shortlists he is doing precisely the same wishy-washy lovey-dovey stuff that the Labour government of the past 12 years have done. We see through you and believe you are a utter twat for even considering putting gender before experience and merit. The same goes pretty much for all their policies, immigration for example - yesterday it was confirmed what we all knew that mass-immigration was a political decision not economic (look as the HoL's report on the matter), Tory response: a cap. Well hoo-fucking-ray why not introduce something cheaper which has a proven track record instead? Exit checks, why oh why are they so bad and politically incorrect?! Is it such a crime to know who is actually in the country?

Centre politics is politics without principle and it is always bollocks.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Question time, commenting on it like everyone else-but shortly

Rarely have I found myself feeling sorry for Mr. Griffin for I do not support his very strange views nor his party's policies. It was quite clearly shown that the BNP's views are at best 'odd' but the whole Question Time arrangement was a complete farce. Regardless of what you think of the man, he was outnumbered by the entire audience including the host and the rest of the panel. Is that a way to hold an impartial and unbiased debate on politics?

No, I truly felt sorry for Mr. Griffin tonight not as a BNP spokesman, not as a racist but simply for the ubiquitous gang-up he received from every angle, where there was not even an attempt made by the BBC to conceal the whole orchestrated charade that tonight passed for 'debate'.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Grand list of predictions - add your own

In election times such as these the coming months will see a lot of predictions as to who will win the general election '10 and what kind of majority they will get and so on. This is only to be expected however I want to make a more long term prediction of my own, one which I think people will share (I hope) at least moderately. The year 2010 to 2015:

  1. The Tories will not win the General Election in 2015 under David Cameron for he will have comprehensively proved that he was nothing other than Tony Mark II and the Tories nothing but BluLabour. This is proved by recent events showing precisely what kind of government we can expect; no Lisbon referendum or why not all-women shortlists or take the privatisation of Royal Mail. They will not be any different and what is more no party in power is ever eurosceptic.
  2. Daniel Hannan will most likely leave the party as he will probably realise during the coming 5 years that the Tories under Cameron do not represent his views (the views he has come to demonstrate thus far). What he would join instead I cannot say.
  3. Ibid. Douglas Carswell and probably David Davies as well.
  4. The BNP will rise with an alarming rate as the main three continue to mute themselves on issues which actually matter to the people; EU, Defence, Immigration, Law and Order, Corrupting welfare, Expensive and Unreliable transport, Violent schools, Unaffordable houses, high taxes and overbearing government. Mr. Cameron will find that it is extremely convenient for him to keep the status quo on most of these issues once he enters Downing Street, of course making it difficult for him since he has promised reform on pretty much every area.

This list will be added to, naturally, five years is a long period and there are a lot of predictions to make but the above four seem plausible, at least to me. I suggest Dave gets another row model other than Mr. Obama, socialism a.k.a. New Labour has had its day in this country.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nicely Put

"the British tendency to only wake up to a problem at the 11th hour"
I can think of no other words which so precisely underline what it means to be British. WW1 or WW2 are perfect examples of this. Whilst he Commons are utterly wrecked and so is the UK under the EU we will get back most likely. Really what is says about the UK is that it is a perfect example of the law of nature which states that 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction' - works for Physicists and will you know it, normal people as well.

An admission

Mr. 13th Spitfire has to make an admission which most likely will reveal some of he anonymity which he holds so dear - hopefully not to the extent that people will know who he is.

I am a student.

There you have it the sole reason for my being so utterly absent from this blog and its few but valiant readers who take a moment of their, most likely, very busy day to read the thoughts and comments of one who is not yet even a comparable figure in matters politics and history, to themselves. For this I say thank you and hope that my absence has not opened the flood gates to exit for the previous readers of this blog.

But rather we must ask ourselves what on earth is happening in British politics today - has the country gone utterly mad? The BNP, it appears are, as popular as ever, the Tories are transcending into what we always knew they would; BluLabour (they think positive discrimination towards women is a good thing whereas experience and meritocracy are to be shunned) and the LibDems and Labour are as infantile as a muffin - which is always good news.

What will come of this then? We will most likely see only one term of Mr. Cameron for he is displaying all the same qualities as Tony Blair and the latter is not exactly a popular figure in the UK. Probably a second term though for the Tories but under a new leader most likely Boris Johnson, Osbourne or perhaps David Davies. Definitely a leadership challenge.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Wrote an article for a paper today about the Human Rights Act 1998. It is bloody amazing how people cling to its name and allows for the argument ' well it is called HUMAN rights act so it must be good' - Mandela was responsible for killing several people using high explosive yet he is held up as a beacon for all that is good in this world. The problem with lefties is that they cannot get past their own bull shit but believe to the extent that they become dogmatic in its favour. They refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong, that they were wrong all along and cannot take advice from anyone not even fellow socialists. That is why Brown and his government are in such deep trouble (well, that and that their entire government is a heap of lying bastards).

1951 Britain signed the European Convention on Human Rights
1960 British citizens could for the first time bring their cases to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights)
1998 The Convention is signed into British law
2000 the Human Rights Act is fully implemented
2010 the Human Rights Act is scrapped for being utterly useless in protecting normal people but being spectacularly good at ring fencing criminals.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

On a low

Dear small contingent of readers. Writing and posting has been very sparse as of late but rest assured it will resume to its previous mighty standing in a few days.

In the meantime I am just going to laugh and laugh and laugh because frankly the EU is utterly screwed in this country. I give it a minimum of 10 years left in the UK. Don't believe me read these and then what will happen if the Tories turn our to be just Blu Labour.

Milliband to be EU Foreign Minister if Blair is blocked

Tories are ready for war if Blair becomes president

Tories will not ban hunting (what on earth has this got to do with the EU you are thinking, those people who want to hunt are exceedingly rich and exceedingly anti-EU)

Boris warns EU to keep out of the City (Most people reckon including myself that Cameron is Blair Mark II thus the most likely contender for his post once Cameron is gone is Boris, he does not like the EU).

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Something is a float....

I have remarked before on how there is something very sinister going on in the shadows with regards to Tory EU policy. I just read a comment over on Hannan's blog which read
"We’ll find ourselves shoulder-to-shoulder in the “No” campaign when the time comes. But don’t give up on Klaus yet. As the German ambassador to London told his French counterpart in August 1914: “You have your information; we have ours”."
What information do they have which we do not? Why were all Tory MPs called by Tory HQ and told not to comment upon the Lisbon Issue (according to Gerald Warner)?

As much as it pleases me to see that the Tories at least have a Plan B despite Cameron's "one policy at a time" nonsense, I cannot help but feel that this is a just a rehash of New Labour's government. Where seemingly all decisions were taken by a small clique and 'sofa-government' was the norm with no minutes taken whatsoever. Is this the kind of government we can expect from the Tories with or without the Lisbon Treaty? Regardless of the EU this will not go down well with the electorate. We want transparency, we want democracy and we bloody well want our dignity back.

I do hope Dave obliges or he will only be a 'one-hit-wonder' Prime Minister.

I like this chap, most of him

This chap David Lindsay sounds very reasonable bar his defence aspirations (he wants to remove all nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons from British soil and waters). Most of his policies I agree with. Hope he gets elected.

"I have real conservative and patriotic policies. Restoring the supremacy of British over EU law. Returning to preventative policing based on foot patrols. Making each offence carry a minimum sentence of one third of its maximum sentence, or 15 years for life. Restoring grammar schools, restoring O-levels, restoring excellent secondary modern schools, and defending and restoring special needs education. Introducing a legal presumption of equal parenting, restoring the tax allowance for fathers, and allowing paternity leave to be taken at any time in the first 18 years of the child’s life. Helping farmers and small businesses through a windfall tax on the supermarkets. Defending village services, saving shooting and fishing, repealing the hunting ban, and making Gypsies and Travellers obey the same planning laws as the rest of us. Preserving the historic regimental system, rebuilding the Royal Navy, and saving the Royal Air Force."

Good Man!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Supreme Court oppened but FFS at least make an effort

So the new Supreme Court opened today and replacing the ancient law lords who have served the country extremely well at Tesco price at that. However this is now gone thanks to our dear old friend Tony Blair. Amongst the many things, apparently, which the court would do was to bring it into the homes of the ordinary people. Fat chance.

Lord Phillips has hailed the new court as an opportunity to bring to the public the workings of the highest court in the land. However, journalists were told there was no room at the opening so the event was broadcast live by the Court's own team. The Court's own team wont have any bias at all of course. What is even more worrying is that the new Supreme Court had a whole theater built solely for the purpose of citizens and journalists. Who the fuck was sitting there?

FFS at least make an effort.

The EU gets KLAUStrophobia

Nothing to add, I just thought it pertinent to add that the EU has (Klaus)trophobia. It must be tough only having control over 27 countries, it can become a bit boxlike at times when you cannot exert your full will on the people without them complaining. 'Bloody serfs in their bloody kulaks...' we hear the elite muttering.

Equipment spend per solider

Equipment spend per soldier :

Canada £507,500

US £463,000

UK £289,000

Good thing we are 'protecting' the boys "innit"?

Good Link; Good Link

This is a good link to a good article. You might think that I bang-on about the EU too much and that other things are now more important. What exactly might that be? Any suspecting Labour voters, you bunch of bastards have lost any credibility that you might once have had as far as managing the country is concerned. Anyremark you have on any policy will be instantly ignored for, lo and behold, you destroyed the country ergo any remark you make will with all certainty be of the same token.

This is also well written by the Devil's Kitchen.

"By shackling ourselves to this organization, we are making a mistake of truly staggering proportions. The red tape is stifling our businesses and our economic growth; the endless bickering and squabbling delays negotiations for years (and that is just on matters currently within the EU's area of competence). In real terms, and whichever way you cut it, the EU costs us an enormous amount of money.

It is time for Britain to stand on her own two feet, to wean itself off the EU comfort blanket, and leave the old, crippled relatives to fight over the remaining crumbs. Either they will realize that those scraps are not worth fighting over and join our way of thinking, or they will die.

Whatever happens, there seems to be no political or economical reason why Britain, having made this assessment, should attempt to change the EU edifice or delude ourselves that such change is even possible; Tony Blair's abject failure to make any progress whilst President, in 2005, should have taught us that. We should get out now, while the going is good, and leave the assorted EU countries to sort out their own problems."

Monday, 5 October 2009

Tory Policy

Here is what he said "we will not let matters rest there".

Here is what he means "we will let matters rest there".

Is it not amazing that possibly geopolitical reverberation depends on one little word? Fascinating.

Having done a ridiculous amount of reading and researching today I have a whole swathe of ideas I would like to write about but am frankly too tired. So I shall indulge my very small cohort of readers with an excellent comment found on Daniel Hannan's blog, truly worth reading (the comment). Here it is reproduced in full:

In recent days Peer Steinbrück and Thilo Sarrazin have featured in Ambrose Evans-Prichard’s articles on this website: the first [the German Finance Minister] made a violent verbal attack on Britain and the second, [an official of the Bundesbank], an even more violent attack on Turkish immigrants in Berlin. One that made Enoch Powell look like a pussycat, although Sarrazin was gracious enough to say that he preferred Jews to the Turks.

I didn’t notice the Labour Party or the BBC responding to them because, after all, Europe and Europeans are perfect aren’t they? In fact, Germans foaming at the mouth are nothing to worry about. It’s inconceivable that just because they have a tradition of exploding every fifty years, or so, they will do it again because we’re all in the European Union now, aren’t we? And, heaven knows, it’s inconceivable that the Euro is turning out to be an instrument of German hegemony of which Hitler would have been proud. Perish the thought.

I live a lot of my time in the heart of Europe and people are somewhat similar everywhere, of course. Where they differ is in what one might call ’shared atavism’. It is obviously easy for people in the BBC and the Labour Party to pretend that this doesn’t exist. Maybe that is because our ‘ancestral pattern’ is to keep the hell away from Europe. About once per century, we ourselves go mad and get involved. The last person to make a reasonable fist of that was The Duke of Wellington [sorry, but I think WWI and WWII were a disaster for Britain]. He, however, is not a figure in European history books whereas Napoleon is still universally a hero.

When Europeans think of ‘the English’ they often have only a narrow economic view of what Britain stands for. Democracy, so hard-won and so longstanding in Britain, has astonishingly shallow roots in swathes of Europe. Authoritarian elites using vicious Kafkaesque bureaucracies to control the serfs are absolutely run-of-the-mill, however. The next time you are staying in Prague and are woken at 6am by someone trundling dustbins around behind your hotel, pop down and ask why they get up so infernally early; you’ll be told with some pride that the Emperor Ferdinand told the Czechs to be early risers [I'm not joking about this, although you'll need to brush up your Czech first].

The BBC and the Labour Party have been allowed to create a caricature of English nationalism. Enoch Powell, who was a professor of Greek at age 25 and rose from private to be the youngest brigadier in the British Army, was pilloried for saying what probably 80% of Englishmen believed, and believe, to be true. G.K. Chesterton said:

“Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget;
For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet.”

Daniel, you are an amiable soul with clever ideas. Your article displays a commendable desire not to ruffle feathers. But I think that the people of England are about to speak. If Cameron will not give them their say about the EU, their voice will be heard as votes for UKIP at the next general election. And as a result of that Cameron & co will likely end up as mere footnotes in that thick volume entitled: ‘Failures of Nerve in British Political Life’.

What I will say is simple, easy for anyone to understand: we are sick and tired, utterly, of ambiguity, of broken promises, of pseudo-policies, of wishy-washy and of touchy-feely - all which always end up amounting to nothing. No Referendum, no Vote. Simple.

Lisbon Treaty Referendum Poll - what do you think?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Awful feeling

I get this awful feeling that there is a lot of horse trading going on in the shadows with regards to EU policy from the Conservative party. That cannot be good.

There are arguments for not going into a full scale debate about the EU right now, amidst the run-up to a General election. There are far more pressing problems apparently. While I can be sympathetic towards this attitude I cannot accept it for it is deeply flawed. Anyone with a serious interest in democracy knows how the EU works and knows that it is absolutely not democratic, for the simple reason that it was not mean to be. There is no such thing as a "democratic deficit" that the make-believe eurosceptics (or the MSM which has not bothered to pick up a history book) love to throw around. In engineering there are five stages of design but the most important is the first one; function. What is the function of your project? For the EU, it is and was control. We do not make our laws anymore so we can quite safely say that they have acheived that aim.

Cameron claims that he can only have one policy at time. For fucks sake Mr. Cameron which serious, heavyweight and leading politician does not have a 'plan B'? That is complete and utter bollocks and you know it. We have to sort out the deficit yes, we have to sort out the unemployment yes, we have to sort out Afghanistan and so on. There are a lot of extremely important policy areas that deserve the greatest of attention, for solving them will help solving the Broken island that Britain has become. There are other priorities and there is another agenda but when the elephant is blocking the road to every single useful reform, perhaps one ought to stop and ask 'hang on, where is my blunderbuss' . The EU 'project' now touches upon every sphere of government and society and it is becoming painfully obvious that the electorate has little appetite for playing ball anymore. Politicians are not always allowed to set their own agenda. In this case democracy, honour and morality will demand a say, the people will demand a say on their Future in the EU.

If you do not let us decide we wont let you decide.

The Hand of History

Seriously who owns this bloody "hand of history" it seems to be on everyone's shoulder these days. Presuming that anyone who is anything will do something to remit them a mention in a history books in years to come. People get of your high horses until you actually do something worthy of a mention. Trust me so far there are few things which even deserve to go into "history" pages of the BBC.

Declan Ganley, leader of the Libertas party which led the campaign for an Irish 'No' vote, told The Sunday Telegraph: "David Cameron must now feel the hand of history upon on his shoulder. He has now to decide whether he wants to be a great leader by committing to a referendum or just another prime minister with broken promises." (my emphasis)

Believe it or not Brian Cowen was also being felt up by the hand last year. "As Brian Cowen walked through a standing ovation in the packed ballroom, it was clear the weighty hand of history had just brushed against his shoulder for the first time." (my emphasis) Apparently the man won some kind of national referendum which gave him the geopolitical influence of a chocolate muffin.

However "the hand" has a favourite victim which he cajoles into nightly session in the bed chamber, where there is more than just 'feeling' going on - Cheerie Blair was on record when she said this about her husband Tony Blair. "I feel the hand of history on our shoulder in respect to this. I really do. I just think we need to acknowledge that and respond to it." (my emphasis) The man which in the future I reckon can be chiefly blamed for Britain leaving the EU, made this remark with regard to the peace process in Northern Ireland - you know the one which was such a "success"?

Thus it stands; this nasty little sodomite "the hand" is everywhere trying to score royalties in future works of history where it will remit some men and women a mention because it had the great honour of 'touching' them on the shoulder (in Blair's case most likely in a lot more places), thereby releasing the flow of 'history-making-endorphins'. Yupp, that is how you make it into the books.

Saturday, 3 October 2009


I really should not be saying this but I will: the Irish 'yes' is actually a lot more interesting because it has turned the entire British political establishment (fuck Ken Clark, who listens to him anyway) into a EU talking club. This is extremely good news because it means that no party can hide and Labour's and the LibDem's ultra pro-EU credentials will be reproduced again and again, loosing them even more votes at the GE (of course not letting it slip that they promised a referendum on the treaty as well but backtracked this promise). It also means that the Tories cannot hide away from the issue despite Cameron's very poor attempt at appeasement in the form of his "news letter". Even more it will give UKIP more air time which is always good since they can hopefully push the Tories to adopt a proper policy before the GE machine is switched on.

And to top it all off, the Irish are not going to like this - did you know they were a satellite state of Britain all along?

When people look back upon this episode of history what will they think I wonder? Well, I believe that this period can be pretty well summed up in these simple words

‘For you, zee referendums are over. Simples’

Ohh wipe that stern look of your face, it is just poking a bit of fun at zee Germans.

UKIP just got a solid election platform

What else is there to say, even though Guido has gone mainstream and is now more part of the establishment than the MSM itself, he did get it superbly right with these words

"That makes it No 1, Yes 1, so surely we need a tie-break referendum?"

Of course that is not how the EU operates they only take what is theirs and that is only a 'yes' vote and they have that now. I think that what probably is going through most Tory minds now is 'who to vote for now?' Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hague are slowly moving away from their referendum promise day-by-day where "new circumstances" apply and a blocking of Mr. Blair as the president (there by accepting the Lisbon Treaty as it creates a President). One thing is certain however UKIP now have a solid election platform to stand on. Where the Tories seek to fix the deficit and the social breakdown of this country just like they wanted to in 1939. A war broke out then and if we were to view history from an economic and social point of view then certainly Chamberlain would be remembered as the Greatest Briton and not Churchill as it currently stands. Thankfully we did not because our freedoms were too important to be sacrificed for short term party political gain. Scroll forward a few decades and our current position seems strangely familiar to the one back in 1939 safe for the war. History does repeat itself.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Dirty Irish Eurocrats

Well we always knew that when the EU does not get its way it brings out the big guns of autocracy. I cannot be bothered to write something myself about this (too depressed) but will instead just lift the piece from The Tap Blog and commend him for not breaking down in tears over the death of sovereignty. If the EU takes as along to die as the Roman Empire we are fighting a loosing battle I am afraid.
"This is getting very dirty.

Many people in Ireland are right to suspect their Taoiseach of planning foul play in order to win this referendum. He has broken every rule in the book during the campaign, and the law has afforded little protection to the NO side with most of their posters getting dragged down, for example.

Now the COIR Campaign asked its activists to get a total of votes cast at each polling station at the end of the day, to see if the final totals checked out with the day's votes. But the Irish government who are responsible for 'storing' the ballot boxes overnight, are threatening anyone who enquires as to the number of votes cast from the presidinging officers, with immediate arrest.

It seems almost certain now that the Poll is going to rigged by ballot box tampering while the boxes are 'stored' overnight. This is a shocking development,but not a surprising one given the total disregard for legality displayed by the Irish government throughout the campaign.

Cóir has said that the State has undermined the confidence the electorate can have in the referendum process by threatening citizens with arrest if they proceeded with plans to monitor the vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

“Today we were told by Dublin City Sheriff, Brendan Walsh, that he had asked the Gardaí to take action against any of our volunteers who sought information as to the number of votes cast in a polling station at the end of the day,” said Manus Mac Meanmain of Cóir.

“To say we are shocked is an understatement,” he continued. “In conversation with Cóir, Mr Walsh confirmed that the information being requested by Cóir was compiled by the Presiding officer at each polling centre at the end of the day’s voting in any case.”

“But now he has threatened any citizen who politely requests that information from the Presiding Officer with arrest. This is simply outrageous, and will shatter the faith citizens should be able to have in this referendum process.”

It looks like there will need to be a third referendum now, as the results of this one will be suspect.

UPDATE - More shenanigans - A Fine Gael exit poll was reported by the Irish Times as giving a narrow victory to the YES side, 52% to 48%. But the same poll was reported on Irish TV, RTE channel, as 60% to 40%.

Earlier fears of illegal referendum behaviour expressed HERE"
It seems like the bloodymindedness of the Irish (most of them at least, nothing but praise for the brave who stood their ground) has gone. Seems a bit pointless now with their civil war and all as does the English civil war. Indeed any European civil war seems utterly pointless when our masters go and sign away our right-to-choose without a fight. If there had been a fight there had at least been a raison d'être left lingering after the war was fought and lost. Now? There is just and empty void.

What is there left to say then you might ask? Might the above just be a protection from the Irish government. To stop both eurocrats and eurosceptics from meddling with the vote. That is as about as likely as a halal pork sandwich. No expenses, legal and illegal, will be sparred in passing this treaty.

Here are my final pearls of wisdom before I wake up tomorrow and find the "yes, yes, yes!!!" screaming from the TV and a very smug Barrosso standing in the background 'thanking' the Irish for their continued support of the EU. All I have to say is, fuck (I could have said 'scheisse' or 'merde' thereby adding a dimension of tragicomedy to this whole drama but I stuck with the good old British 'fuck' because, well, I thought it appropriate that we display its grand standing as the magnus-opus of foulness one last time, before it falls under the aegis of political correctness) .

No Discussion yet

Having campaigned for a discussion on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum on ConservativeHome it seems they are strangely reluctant to start one. Even though they are the party who has to deal with the consequences once the 'shit hits the fan' as Americans like to say.

Odd stance they have one has to admit.

It is a sad day

It is always a sad day when a country be it Ireland and the Nice Treaty, Denmark and the Maastricht Treaty, have to vote again because the produced the 'wrong' answer in the eyes of the EU. It is ironic that they shall have two votes yet we none.

In a couple of weeks (29 of October the meeting is held by the Swedish presidency) we might well have that disgusting man Tony Blair as our de facto leader. Most will agree that this man and his Gordon Brown have been detrimental to the very existence of the country we called Great Britain. There wont be any Great Britain much longer only Britain and then only England and the only regions of the isles of Britain. This is not scaremongering this is just looking at the harsh reality of the EU project as it has advanced hence. This is what they intend to do, it says so in the treaties. We pay little attention of course because we are not supposed to worry our little heads about things like that.

The ball is now firmly in Cameron's court. People seem to have this view of Mr. Cameron as a cunning politician who wont reveal his true colours now (apparently that of a eurosceptic) because he could be bullied by the EU to re drape himself if the comes to office. People think that Mr. Cameron dare not publicly state that he is a eurosceptic in fear of alienating voters (which ones?). I can only say that I think you are all very wrong. Cameron is a eurocrat if there ever were one. Some say he has not committed fully to a referendum because he does not hold the prime ministersship yet, and as such he could be bullied by the EU to withdraw any referendum promises he as made.

I hope you noticed the constant interaction of the EU in national politics. This is against their own rules. But most know this and most do not care for the EU has double standards or 'poly' standards would be more appropriate, for every single issue. The 'rules' are but guidelines.

In the end when we vote eight months from now, Mr. Cameron should be wary of reneging further his promises on Lisbon (remember initially we were offered a referendum regardless of the circumstances), judging by the internet alone, at this stage, he stands to lose a lot of voters by leaving the bomb ticking.

But most of all Mr. Cameron do not ever take voters for granted.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.

Well we are here now again the tranquility before the storm, the Irish referendum. I know what I was doing this time last year, reading Dracula by Bram Stoker. Quite a fabulous book I must say, and what is more very appropriate for the time being. I hope you saw what I did there; drew a parallel between vampires trying to establish a new base in England but currently only having a place in Transylvania. Enough of these childish thoughts though, the EU is here and the best we can really do is to make fun out of them and marvel at the many contradictions that mire the entire project. And we shall.

We must ask what precisely do our masters in Brussels think will happen once the Irish vote 'yes' today and when they have beaten every other remaining nation in the EU into submission. They have the passerelle clause of course (A Passerelle Clause also known as an Escalator Clause is a clause within treaties of the European Union that allows the European Council to decide unanimously to replace unanimous voting in the Council of Ministers with qualified majority voting (QMV) in specified areas) which the House of Lords once called the "gangplank clause" there is still some bloodymindedness left in old Westminster I will give her that. They will never have to ask of our opinion again but that does not imply that we are incapable of forming one, that we need a nanny parliament to "represent" our wishes in Brussels. No, if anything this will produce the first true majority of EU rebels.

History always produces its blocks and they come and go like anything else; nothing lasts for ever there are no perpetual states of being. There cannot be any perpetual political states for it violates the second law of thermodynamics which forbids it completely. Perpetuum mobile is naught it cannot happen. We had three different reiches and a Weimar republic in the middle. British, German, French Empire and even a Japanese one. These symbols of power never last because they violate not only laws of nature but laws of man. When the powers themselves eventually realise this they try all sorts of things to extend their state of being, like curtailing human rights, imposing curfews, violently distorting facts even more so than now - and so on. But you cannot stop vox populi.

What are the British thoughts on the EU then you might ask? Well it looks like a very moribund project at grassroots level, but naturally that is not where the power lies until at the very end. All the data from the following polls except the last one can be found here at Democracy Movement (my emphasis).
  • Nov 06 - Power 100 Poll, Times:
81% of UK businesses believed that Britain should not reconsider membership of the Euro.
  • Harris Poll for the Financial Times, Jun 07:
A referendum on the new treaty is wanted by 69% of Britons, 75% of Spaniards, 71% of Germans, 68% of Italians, and 64% of French
  • Populous for Global Vision 8-10 June 07:
83% wanted a referendum before the constitutional treaty becomes law;

14% were against.
  • Ipsos Mori poll, 11/8/07:
81% of British people want a referendum on the new EU treaty. Only 17% agreed with Gordon Brown that Parliament should decide.
  • ICM Poll for Global Vision, Nov 9-11, 07
73% wanted a Referendum on the EU Treaty,

18% did not.

23% wanted to leave the EU;

47% wanted a looser arrangement with the EU, based on free trade;

24% wanted us to remain a full member
  • You-Gov Poll for Open Europe, June 08
Only 29% of Britons support full EU membership

In a YouGov poll commissioned by Open Europe, 24% said "the UK should leave the EU altogether" while a further 38% said that "The UK should stay in the single market but pull out of the other political elements of the EU", making a total of 62% opposed to membership of the EU as it stands.
  • Survey for Radio 4's The World at One. Jan 09:
71% against adopting the Euro, 15% in favour
  • ICM Poll for the Taxpayers Alliance, 22 May 09
69% want the Government to start ignoring EU rules

60% say that fines for disobedience to our Brussels masters should be ignored

75% want a referendum before any more powers are given to the EU

57% want to take back powers already given to the EU
  • Com Res Poll for BBC Daily Politics, 19 Mar 09
55% wanted to leave the EU but maintain close trading links

84% said that voters should decide whether any further powers should be transferred to the EU

51% did not think there was any benefit in trade or jobs from EU membership
  • Conservative Home poll of Conservative Parliamentary candidates, Aug 09
84% want Cameron to hold a referendum on Lisbon, even if it has already been ratified

60% want a complete renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the EU

Only 6% want to be "at the heart of Europe"
43% said the EU should leave the UK altogether

57% of those questioned believe that a future Conservative government should offer a referendum on the ratified treaty, with only 15 percent saying there should be no such vote.

These polls show a growing sector of the electorate who are exceedingly unhappy with the EU and want to withdraw altogether. At the same time, of course, voting turnout in European Elections have been falling steadily over the years.

Only 34.7% of eligible voters even bothered to turnout this year compared to 38.5% in 2004. Why is this then, well it simply does not matter who we elect for parliament they cannot propose laws anyway, they have no real power and cannot possibly express the wishes of the electorate without it. They can express the wishes of the British electorate even less because most of us do not want the UK in the EU at all. UKIP could get all the British MEPs but they still would not hold the power to withdraw the UK from the EU. That powers lies ultimately with Westminster, well at least until the Irish vote 'yes' then the EU has to be consulted if a nation wants to withdraw, a process which will take at least two years during which time of course the EU will do all in its power to reverse that decision, like they have done in Ireland and did in Denmark with the Maastricht Treaty. In the words of the timeless Václav Klaus who called whole system to be abolished. "It's pointless to have European elections," he said. "That's like holding semi-elections." Quite.

I was always told to end my 'essays' with a quote, something which would really ram in the message which I was trying to convey. And I will do this not because I was told to but because there are so many quotes that survive on this issue and it is beyond me why we always ignore ancient immortal wisdom, this has happened before and it will happen again yet we always turn a blind eye. 'Hate' is not mankind's foulest trait, 'ignorance' has that blessing.

"Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed." - Barry Goldwater

Another EU Treaty (no not Lisbon) another kock-up by New Labour

New Labour have signed another EU treaty which means that they can pursue fines imposed on foreign drivers in Britain, outside the UK. Turns out that is not how it going to work at all.

But it is good in sense of course for eurosceptics. The EU has now infuriated another interest group: the Hauliers.

In total they have pissed-of and created eurosceptics out of the:


God speed for the EU at this rate the real eurosceptics parties will be in power before anyone can say 'Monnet'.

That is That

That is that then, Cameron will no be offering any kind of referendum as much can be established by his most recent forced comments on the issue.

He will not be getting my vote.