Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What insumountable arrogance

When you thought they could not care less about the electorate they went and did it anyway. Here is a snippet...

Roche, who was part of the Irish delegation that won concessions from Brussels on key policy areas after the first defeat, including the right to retain an EU commissioner, warned of the consequences of a second rejection.

"I cannot think of a worse time in the history of a European project for it to judder to a halt," he said.

"And what will happen if it does judder to a halt is that we will then have what we always feared, we will have the evolution of a two-tiered Europe."

"You don't have to be Albert Einstein to work out that if a two-tier Europe comes up, small and medium countries such as Ireland will suffer."

I am sure the dear reader knows as well as most people that they Irish will be voting on exactly the same treaty and the "concessions" they "won" are merely promises from the EU that they will be considered in the future. The EU is not exactly a straight shooter which is exemplified by their insistence on no objections at all to their Federalist Europe which they are pushing through engrenage - step by step and law by law.

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