Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rebuilding a Nation

Does anyone know really how this takes? Any previous experience? We all know that destroying something is far easier than producing something valuable which is beneficial to mankind at large.

For Britain...?

I am having one of these were cynical days again when there seems to be no hope. I base this on very many things. Mostly that our government have fucked up every single echelon of the pillars that constitute our society. What is more they have installed their henchmen in the most odious of places, who force their twisted policies on people who had no interest in politics at all. Take the farmer who employed 55 Brits only to find 44 never showing up, upon which he was slapped with a 120,000 pound fine for employing illegal immigrants. Then he has do prove his innocence because he was presumed guilty.

We used to be a fairly clever people, certainly we came up with some magnificent pieces of engineering and exported both English and parliamentary representation. We fiercely held back the forces of republicanism as sported by Cromwell even to this day.

What happened over the past 13 years?

Where did the common sense of people go? Did it take a holiday? Did it vanish in to thin air even though it is an abstract concept? What happened to it?

What I do know is that the Labour party is going to have the guillotine prepared for them. We are not so much completing the revolution as Lord Fairfax could have done, supposedly, had he stood by Cromwell's side at all times. No, we will be doing something quite different we will be expelling those forces of Marxism from these isles for God knows how long. It seems that New Labour have cemented the viciousness of this doctrine despite them being very capitalist. Perhaps for good then. Of course every government needs and opposition so as to not overstep its authority, pray let it not be the Labour party next time around.

Labour has made 'racist' a nasty word even though it has now lost all its stigmatising properties for being over used. Even the Nazis could easily shrug their shoulders at the word today, had they still been around. I propose that 'Labour' has become the nasty word and though some ministers appear to think they will make a comeback I say; do not count on it. The Conservatives have been out of power for a good 13 years now as have all meaningfull forces of centre-right politics.

When the Thatcher government unleashed their hegemony on British industry to the extent that it barely exists today, they did it with the best interests of the UK at heart. I cannot believe that it was done on orders from higher up despite some very convincing arguments produced by Naomi Klein. Further this seems to have been appreciated by the UK at large as well. There are talks of Mrs. Thatcher being given a state funeral when she dies. The same response for Blair and Brown would probably be to ship them of to the continent or Ireland to have their remains buried. Their legacy is so tainted with malevolence that their mere presence on this island would only serve to upset the people to whom they were buried beside (and they are dead). 'Who is going be buried beside my grandfather? BROWN?! Gordon-fucking-Brown?! I will have none of it, over my dead body. Find somewhere else to put him.'

You see when they are hauled from Parliament next year the Brown&Blair bashing wont end. If anything it will intensify for now we have a new government at the helm and now they will truly be able to examine the full extent of the damage that has been done to Britain. I suspect that their findings will be anything but delightful. Even that is a mere historical construct nowadays; Parliament. Its very purpose seems superfluous now that none of its core values and functions remain. Fraser Nelson got it spot on in his article "The politics of decline" over at the Spectator.

What is more, the changing face of politics in the UK is nigh. The 'main-three' as bloggers and journalists alike call New Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, is also something which is completely out of the window. It used to be very hard to change the perception of the electorate. Those who were firmly to the left stayed there and the same for the right. But most have come to realise that the main-three simply do not represent at all what they used to. New Labour is as capitalist as a dollar bill, the Tories refuse to tackle the immigration problem. The Libdems, well, what is their purpose that remains an enigma.

There are many new players in the game; the Greens, BNP, UKIP and so on. We will gradually see the outfacing of the old main-three for they have no purpose and do not represent the people they sucked up to back in the day. We know this. Question is do they?

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