Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Third Time Student Protests

My parents both worked when they were at university. One of them worked in a pea factory and was a tutor, the other in a pub, as a tutor and a delivery boy. The spare time they had, they had to study. They both left with good degrees and no debt. I work as well during my degree, granted it is not enough but one does try.

Look at all the photos of today's protests and you will see that generally these are people from the 'Socialist Worker's Party' student section. I tore down their posters at my university because they were an incitement of violence. I speculated as to whether I should leave my email or not so that they could contact me, but I decided against it. Somehow I cannot see 'fair-play' being in their dictionary. Yes, I know it does not really square with my liberal tendencies but they are really starting to piss me off right now.

We are not all like this, do remember that, most fellow student bloggers that I know share my disposition and disgust towards our "comrades" who have taken to the streets. These "students" should just get over themselves. Most countries do not pay grants or give loans to students, so they have to pay their own way. Look at America, apart froma very few scholarships, students work their way through college/university, usually at menial jobs. Like my parents, mine is not menial at all, I quite enjoy my job actually, and they are not hard to come by what I do.

What these "students" protestors all have in common is that most of them have probably never done a single days worth of honest labour in their lives. Yet they have the stomach to call for free education. Why they fuck should it be free? If you want it you pay for it.


It is interesting to note that all the pundits in the MSM cannot seem to be able to take a stance on the Wikileaks issue. They are all, quite rhetorically it seems, asking whether Wikileaks "are the defenders of democracy or the nemesis of establishment" - take a bloody stance you spineless apparatchicks. Is that not supposedly why you got into media in the first place, to make the big scoops, to defend democracy, to show the people the 'real' world - yet when someone finally does you hide behind the curtains of ambiguity.

You spineless fucking hypocrites.

From your point of view it should be perfectly obvious that Wikileaks has done you a favour. Only problem is that you are too thick to see it or too afraid.

And yes this is most certainly a rant.

UPDATE: What do I think? I think this is a good thing because big government is getting away with too much nowadays.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Why I left Amnesty

Alex Singleton is bang on the money
The Swiss know how to stand up for themselves. In a referendum yesterday, they voted in favour of the automatic deportation of foreigners who commit serious crimes. Needless to say, the latte liberals at Amnesty International are appalled and – revealing their utter contempt for democracy – are calling on Swiss politicians to ignore the will of the people.

Amnesty’s reasoning is that deportations could cause convicts to be sent back to countries where they could face persecution. But this is a ridiculous argument: no one is forcing visitors to Switzerland to commit offences. If people don’t want to be sent back home, why don’t they just desist from rape, robbery, murder and fraud?
This is why I stopped supporting Amnesty a few years back, having become a member during my early teens; they despise democracy when it doesn't suit their political agenda.

Full article here.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Funny that...

Funny how "global warming" seems to have been taken of the news in recent times? Could it be because it is so fucking cold right now that if you suggested that it was because of "global warming" people would laugh at you. The righteous do not like being made fools of, which is funny seeing as it is the inevitable outcome of all their exploits.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

To be clear on the EU

We Eurosceptics love Europe: we know its cultures, speak its languages (I speak two other european languages), admire its nations, cheer their patriotisms. We simply recognise that there is a wider world out there: a world that is growing while the EU is shrinking.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"We are the future"

You are the future of this country? Then god help us all I say. Are you going to attack the taxman when he comes to collect as well? Or the bin man for not properly aligning your garbage? Perhaps the NHS for not giving you treatment ahead of the line?

I am ashamed to be a student yet again. People will now treat me with the same deserved disrespect with which they will approach the rest of the fucktards that today have soiled the good name of academia yet again. University used to be for clever people as you can clearly see there is no differentiation nor meritocracy now, just shit.

I am going to stuff so many 'EU-referendum' leaflets down your neck when I get them, that you wont be able to spew out your socialist-workers-party bullshit for a fortnight. And when you have cleared your throat again and think you are ready for the next round don't forget to look behind you; for there I will be with my leaflets...

Where were the student protests when Labour introduced tuition fees? Oh I forgot, students vote Labour. You hypocritical fucking scum, if mine would have been the generation of WW1 and WW2 we would have lost.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Euro

We need to end it now, these are the people that are dealing the cards and they simply cannot be allowed this kind of power anymore.
We must stress that the euro has been beneficial to the European Union because, otherwise, in this context of international turmoil, every country would have to devalue their currencies.
Jean-Pierre Raffarin

By the by, one must take in these dire straits not to agitate the germans. We know what they become like when they are in a pesky mood. That said and jokes aside, this is very serious. We may despise the EU and all that it stands for but it has accumulated so much power at this point that were it to fail the peoples of Europe would hauled back at least a couple of decades. Not in spirit but in their financial systems, judicial, police, armed forces and every single area where the EU thought it so self-righetous as to exploit its gullible member under the aegis of 'in varietate concordia' - what utter shite. Caesar could pull that of barely, but no the EU, never the EU.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

'Xenophobic' British students shun foreign universities

There you have it, bang on the head, we are all xenophobic for wanting to stay at home. I really don't know what to say, the above conclusion is so inherently stupid it does not require further commentary.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The EU wont fail

There is a lot of sniping and snide remarks spinning around in the press and in the blogosphere. Some from eurocrats and some from eurosceptics; the eurocrats claim that it is our fault, the unyielding minority, that the euro is in such dire straits. Eurosceptics of a not-so-informed ilk are on the other saying that finally the day has come for the monster to be brought down.

Both are wrong.

What is going on now is not entirely clear but there is a lot spin, misinformation and propaganda to make it appear that our dear leaders in Brussels have a clue as to what they are doing.

You see the problem with the euro is that it is a complete gamble. A gamble of launching a premature and dysfunctional currency without a central treasury, or debt union, or economic government, to back it up – and before the economies, legal systems, wage bargaining practices, productivity growth, and interest rate sensitivity, of North and South Europe had come anywhere near sustainable convergence. Looking at the press releases it would appear that it is all about to backfire.

Happy days I would say. If not then that too is fine, judging from the spirit of my fellow kinsmen of my age, ladies and gentlemen alike, the EU does not stand a chance of ever being accepted in this country - ever. If it is not accepted that we should live as a satellite state of a foreign vestige of power, a power which has not been elected by us the people, then that power cannot survive. I was walking past Buckingham Palace last night and if you recall the EU tried putting their flag on the castle in Prague, not realising they were up against a real man in the form of Mr. Klaus they got properly harangued as a result. Thank god. If they tried that in the UK I can honestly see people breaking in and taking it down - which is why they never have; they know they can push the UK but not too far.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Well done fellow students

You well and truly fucked that up didn't you? What is the name of Chancellor of the Exchequer now again? Eh? Perhaps if they got their basic spelling right before going on a parade, supposedly, in the name of education people would take them a bit more seriously. What is more, they storm the Tory HQ. Who was it exactly who introduced fees in the first place? I guess the socialist and self-righteous fuckers who unfortunately share the same denominator as myself, conveniently and appropriately ignored that little piece of history and focused on the "nasty Tories" instead. Fucking idiots you are, the lot of you.

Who is going to pay for your free-education then you reckon? The state? You see we are spending £200bn on welfare and another £100bn on NHS. But if we try to slice some of those then you are all up in arms as well. How the flying fuck are we supposed to conduct our business then if you fucking little socialist utopia does not satisfy every boundary condition?

Idiots. Plain idiots. None of you will get a job because none of you have studied things which anyone else cares about, anyone who is on the productive sector of society. You cannot get hired by the state anymore because they are offloading 500,000 people for being utterly useless. Ergo you are all royally fucked and that makes me happy. Perhaps if you adopted some common sense once in a while and an ounce of economic literacy then you could maybe see what everyone else is seeing; we are skinned.

Why should your education be free anyway? In which great document of state does it say that the state must provide free education for its citizens? If you are so fucking passionate about Shakespeare's sonnets then you pay to study them. I pay to learn about science. Those who cannot afford to pay will get help from the state. What is all the fuss about?

Your party [Labour] started this mess. Take your blame game and shove it up your ass because as usual you have got it all completely wrong.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Must Read


Thursday, 4 November 2010


This blog is hibernating for a while since the author is being gang raped by his university and other activities! Fret not he shall return.