Monday, 21 September 2009

Laugh then Cry

One cannot but first laugh at this story but then one has to try. We first laugh because as the EU seeks to denigrate British immigration policy it is playing right into the hands of the Eurosceptics which already have a massive majority in the UK. They are in fact creating the UK's exit from the EU. We thought that we would have to do that but there is not a single day that goes by when the scales tip in favour of the highly eurosceptic parties in the UK. The latest story that all asylum seekers should be let into the country according to the EU's Justice Commissioner makes you wonder if this guy is truly aware of his employers popularity in the UK. I beg to differ.

Now of course it would be political suicide for any party to actually abide by these rules since if they did they would alienate pretty much the entire electorate whom they thought would vote for them in the first instance. That is never a good thing for a political party. The Justice Commissioner could play it safe of course and get this over with before the Labour government is terminated both as government and political party. If I were a French Justice Commisioner that is what I would do.

However now we have to cry. Just as this will play into the hands of UKIP it will also, unfortunately, play into the hands of the BNP. That is the tragic moral of this story. A moral which will continue I fret lest the Tories i.e. the incoming government gets its act together. You have to listen to the people no matter the content. You are here to serve us not yourselves. Now I do not think this will happen but I am a die hard cynic as well. Since I propose that whenever this country has changed over the past 20 years it has always been for the worse.

The BNP will clock up electoral success after sucess until they form somewhat of a majority in the political establishment UK. This is impossible you say? I thought so to but people are truly desperate. The main three offer nothing but platitudes and rhetoric on matters essential to the public. Take this simple immigration policy from the Conservative home page:

"Immigration can be a real benefit to the UK, but only if it is properly controlled with its impact on the economy, public services and social cohesion taken into account.

Our approach will ensure that we admit both the right people for our economy and also the right number of people. For economic migrants from outside the EU, we propose a two-stage process:

  • The first stage is making eligible for admission those who will benefit the economy
  • The second stage is an annual limit to control the numbers admitted with regard to the wider effects on society and the provision of public services

A Conservative Government would also apply transitional controls as a matter of course in the future for all new EU entrants.

To enforce such controls, and to prevent illegal immigration and combat criminals who compromise our security, we need a new, integrated approach to managing our borders.

So we will introduce a dedicated Border Police Force to bring together all the agencies responsible for border control.

Unlike Labour’s Border Agency, which does not even include the police, our force will have the power to stop, search, detain and prosecute the terrorists, traffickers and illegal immigrants who currently slip through the net. Only then will we be able to start making Britain safer."

Ambiguous to the bone at a time when the electorate's main concern is immigration and the economy (which Boris has a good take on) - two concepts which are inextricably interlinked. If it seen that the few jobs which are now available are going exclusively to immigrants prepare for another winter of discontent. Further I intend to spearhead the campagin whereby it becomes 'legal' again to speak of immigration without being pounded by the r-word. However if you are still trapped in that little New Labour world whereby any criticism of immigration or asylum seeker policy is a tabu, I tell you: grow up. This is politics, you cannot outlaw ideas and thoughts.

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