Saturday, 12 September 2009


I never thought that I would come to hold this opinion, I thought it was the sort of stuff that occupied the minds of other people who were not as fortunate as myself to have had the upbringing and education that I did - one which supposedly would discourage me from taking any stance which was 100% black or 100% white, on any issue be it immigration or be it fashion. This is what my parents taught me and this is what I stick to, certainly most of the time; until now.

I can with all my honour and integrity intact say that I, 13th Spitfire, unequivocally, am disgusted by the Labour party. The sooner this lot are out, the sooner the two decade task of rebuilding can begin. Wilson's time was bad but this has been almost the end of Britain. Our poor country and poor Britannia. We are a pathetic shadow of the great nation we once were and politicians of all creed, rank and party are to blame. We are not so much 'Great Britain' anymore but rather 'Inadequate, Inconsequential, Inconsiderable, Insufficient, Limited, Little, Meager -Britain'. I do not know what else to say, it is so fiendishly hard to put all your anger and emotions into words when you are seemingly being consumed by hatred for such an ubiquitous article as New Labour. They are everywhere and everything they have ever touched and will ever touch, has turned to ashes. Perhaps you want me to refer you to some article or website so that you can understand the source of this rage, perhaps you want a link? Well I ask you simply; which one?

Mother and Father I am sorry.

I think it is best that these be my only words for today, for nothing rational nor constructive is going to be brought forth from this personna at this time.

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