Saturday, 19 September 2009


When you thought that politicians could not get any dumber your are yet astonished by their immense ability to stun us yet again with their seemingly insurmountable pool of gripping naivety.
Charlie McCreevy, Ireland’s European commissioner, who joked during last year’s Lisbon treaty referendum that he had not read the document and “no sane person would,” on Friday warned a second rejection by Ireland next month could turn a “very serious economic problem for Dublin into a full blown economic crisis”.
Mr. McCreevy does not know the first thing about basic human psychology (nor does it help when a person who is no taller than a Mini weighs in on the threats), something which he should have picked up at day-care where you are first introduced to this most basic of human instincts.
When someone orders you to do A you automatically think of doing B.
Of course I do not think there is a hope in hell of the Irish voting 'no' this time around since there is only so much propaganda the human psyche can take before it folds. It is not their fault it is partially our fault. Our glorious leader is so incomprehensibly slap handed on this whole issue that it is astonishing that he is leader of the party. He could have saved the Irish from the European Commission, he could have saved them from having their arms bent, he could have saved them the belittling & patronisation and above all: when they do vote 'yes' this time around he could have saved them the embarrassment of a nation; that of relinquishing all your principles.

Mr. Cameron has left the whole ordeal to the Czechs and the Poles - both very respectable people but sadly countries without any geopolitical influence at all. Mr. Cameron could have said Britain will have a referendum regardless of what Ireland will say. Browbeating countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Ireland is one thing, taking on Britain is an entirely different prospect all together. The Commission knows this and most likely the Tories as well. Yet I think we can unequivocally now say what kind of a 'leader' Mr. Cameron will be in his tenure of the UK.

Most of you knew this dire news already I fear. Mr. Cameron has been pandering to the needs of the centre people ever since he became leader. True, the party is no longer the 'nasty' party but it is a party without the morals required to call itself centre-right. Upon UK-EU relations I urge you to read this article from the Telegraph, which is good representation of things to come, they have not got everything right of course in terms of EU bureacracy. But it is only a newspaper and you cannot expect them to tell you the whole truth.

Of course Mr. Cameron could dine in the halls of Churchill and Pitt, if he follows his heart and not his lobbyists....


GoodnightVienna said...

Agreed - except I still have hope that the Irish people will hold on to their principles. Cameron is another question. If politicians can't be true to their calling (to represent the people) then the people must do it for themselves. Unfortunately, for us, we weren't given the chance to do it democratically via a referendum.

13th Spitfire said...

That is the problem. I do not think that Cameron is the man. I think that he was forced to leave the EPP just so that he could appease the very large eurosceptic claque in the Tory party, so that he would win the leadership bid.

The article I linked to (telegraph) gives a very accurate description of what will happen I reckon. Just that when the Foreign office do come and tell Mr. cameron the situation he wont put it to the people. He will just go along with it.

Anonymous said...

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