Sunday, 1 November 2009

UKIP Protest

UKIP is seen as a protest party, a party to vote for if you want to protest against the main parties' policy on the EU. I officially announced my intention to vote for UKIP months ago and ConservativesHome's assertion today only reinforces that decision, the one that clearly states that DC wont give a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. There was never really a chance to be quite honest that the noble knight in the form of Mr. Klaus could hold out against the might of the EU, with little or no help from the Tories, who apparently were on his side.

DC's policy appears instead to be a manifesto pledge to renegotiate key powers... You wonder why we vote for UKIP? If the Tory party cannot even comprehend the EU raison d'etre then surely there is no point in voting for them?

The EU's raison d'ĂȘtre is to get power, not just a bit of power; as much as it can possibly get its hands on. That is why it exists they want nothing less than a United State of Europe. Why people refuse to read about Monnet is beyond me but suffice to say it is a pointless exercise to have a discussion today about the EU with the lefties or centries - they still think it is a benign trading block with no strings attached. My mother blatantly refused to believe me when I noted apropos the Royal Mail strike, that there is a EU directive which states that national post services are to be privatised by 2010. My mother is a highly educated woman with loads of degrees from this and that university yet for all of that she has no comprehension of the real power of the EU. This is a uniform trend, until people start to understand what the EU does to nation states there will be no wholesale renegotiation of our position within the EU.

As for UKIP they are mostly yet a single issue party and will have to become serious soon if they want to be a fourth force in British politics. They are protest party still and my vote they have for I shall protest (I know this contradicts one of my earlier posts about voting). Also I am fully aware that they will most likely not get a single MP but that is not what a protest is about. A protest is about principles and mine have been severely undermined by this dishonest government and HM Opposition. Who have the audacity to take voters, like myself, for granted who think our support is unconditional - rest assured it is not.

The UK Independence Party believes that the UK should withdraw from the European Union and that our membership should be replaced with a genuine free trade agreement similar to those enjoyed by other non-EU nations such as Switzerland, Norway and Mexico.

We want friendship and free trade with our European neighbours – not political union.


Our membership of the European Union is already costing jobs in the UK. Major construction projects now hire many of their staff overseas, with British workers not even having the opportunity to apply. This not the ‘British jobs for British workers’ the Government promised.


The only people who should decide who can come to live, work and settle in Britain should be the British people themselves. We can only do this outside of the EU political union. The open-door immigration policy has been voted against by only one party – UKIP.


The UK has one of the largest economies in the world. We are an international trading nation, not just a European one.

The European Union is designed to meet the challenges of the 1950s, not those of the 21st Century. In the global economy in which we now live, we should not be focussing on the insular regional trading blocs, but opening our arms to trade with the rest of the world, starting with the Commonwealth.

Agriculture & Fisheries

When Britain joined the then Common Market, the price of membership was handing over control of our agricultural and fisheries policies and the surrender of our fishing grounds.
This has proved to be an ecological disaster, with common European policies driving farmers to financial ruin and devastating the marine environment around our isles.
Leaving the EU will allow us to regain control and put British interests ahead of European interests.

The EU Constitution

The British people were promised a referendum on the EU Constitution, now the Government has reneged on this promise.

The original constitution was rejected by voters in France and Holland. The Lisbon Treaty, which is the European Constitution in disguise, has been rejected by the Irish in a referendum.

The Government is determined not to allow your voice to be heard.

A vote for UKIP is a vote to say ‘No’ loudly and clearly. It may be the last chance you get.
UKIP is committed to a free, democratic, independent Britain which is governed not by the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels but by our own people through our elected Parliament at Westminster.

We believe that British taxpayers’ money should be spent on British taxpayers, on their schools, hospitals and pensions.

Just imagine what we could achieve if the £15bn cost of our membership of the EU was spent here, rather than being lost on fraud and corruption in Brussels

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