Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Albion Alliance

I you kept your ears and eyes screwed on for the past few days you will have heard about the Albion Alliance which seemingly is only an internet phenomenon as of yet but perhaps they will spring forth and become one in the myriad of 'pseudo-think tank/cross party alliance -thing-ish' which act to purport a united front on an issue. Good for them I say and good riddance.

However, (there is always a 'however' if you are British and a 'but' if you from the American school of ambivalence) the Alliance was formed to bring together people from all parties who want a referendum on the EU. Though this is good news surely they could have made a better job on their webpage which looks like a drunken monkey made it. My blog looks better - and that is not being conceited that is just the honest truth (and this is basic template with a few tweaks). Appearance matters particularly if you have the Guardianistas and BBC-mongs breathing down your neck. They will pull you apart piece by piece and convey to the deluded public that you were the ones who were in the wrong for wanting a referendum on something as trivial as the EU - stupid people! Ignorance is strength did you not know? And that is that Fraser Nelson over at the Spectator has some interesting thoughts on this whole EU caboodle - well worth the read, I am more inclined to agree with the comments to the piece though; no real change in the UK's relationship with the EU will come as long as Cameron is PM.

Get your act together before the Guardian does its "take" on the Albion Alliance which they are destined to say is 'doomed'. If you read my previous post however you will see that the reality is another and the EU is becoming an election issue. Splendid I say to that. As Ceasar would have said on this issue, "alea iacta est".

UPDATE: Having received a very courteous response form Mr. Higham of the Albion Alliance I should let it be know that I wholeheartedly support the endeavour and will offer my services as far as they go. This post was merely intended to give warning of the immense power of the MSM. To put Mr. Higham at ease possibly it should be reminded that 'a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has'. The only problem of course being that we are not a small group anymore.


James Higham said...

We're even more critical of the front page than you are and the reason we were launched early is that there was a lot of pressure from people to do something - to get Eurosceptic groups working together, not apart.

I have to say we've come up against some real hostility so far which is a good thing in a way but people keep signing up and obviously want Britain and England back controlling its own affairs.

The issue of Cameron is sensitive. The Tory Eurosceptics have to tread carefully because they have the most to lose at Westminster and the enemy is within the party as well as friends of our country.

We don;t want to upset any pro-Britain for Britain group who is fighting to get our own self-determination back.

So yes, our front page might have been a dog's breakfast but we'll fix that and note what you said. The main thing though is not the Guardianisti taking that apart but trying to take the policies apart and as they came from the grassroots in the first place, the Guardianisti are going to have to think twice in attacking what people are clearly saying they want.

James Higham
Albion Alliance

13th Spitfire said...

Mr. Highman I thank you for you comment and I wish you know that I do sincerely support the whole venture. But you know, as do I, that the MSM in this country will not suffer EU-fools easily lest they tower over themselves both in intellect and audacity. Preciously few people do that and get away with it. They are numbering in the tens right now but are clearly growing by the day where certainly your alliance will help.

James Higham said...

We're all just sick to death of it and for myself, I don't see myself representing anybody but if I can add my labour to the goal of getting these bstds to commit themselves - if we all, not just this Alliance thing but all groups at the same time hit them with mail, they won't know what struck them. If someone can show us a better way, we'd do that too. Anything to get out of Europe.