Saturday, 14 November 2009

The EU does matter, apparently

If you want some proper analysis of the EU then there really is no other place than EU Referendum - if there is something Dr. North does not know about the EU then it is not worth knowing.

We see on another note that the EU issue is quickly becoming a voter concern, contrasting nicely with the pundits on ConservativeHome who claim only a rogue 1% of the nation (that would be you and me who actually read the papers and reports coming out from Brussels) actually give two hoots about the EU. Well, I can comfort you that according to PoliticsHome that 1% is woefully out of date, where 31% strikes a better chord with the pulse of the electorate. That said though only political nerds (like you and me) actually read what it says on PoliticsHome. According to the website they weigh it by a country wide party ID so that it accurately reflects the country wide opinion. I cannot but wonder if that is true...

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