Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I emailed Chris Grayling and this is what he replied

Dear Mr. Grayling,

My correspondence to you is with regards to the logo of the Home Office. You are with all certainty going to take office next year and as such you will be in control of the Home Office. You recall that Jacqui Smith as Home Secretary removed the Royal Crest from the Home Office at a price tag of £30,000. This has not only created all manners of confusion but it was also a direct insult to HM the Queen and our constitutional monarchy. As for the confusion, all posters etcetera at airports and ports still bear the old logo but the letters sent from the Home Office all have the new ghastly one which simply reads "Home Office" with no hint of Royal Prerogative. Go to the Home Office website and there is a mix of new and old logos being used here and there around the website. Reinstating the old logo should be a trivial matter (and cheap) since the majority of Home Office material still use it.

Will you under a Conservative government reinstate the old Home Office logo and end New Labour's attack on the Monarchy?

Yours Sincerely

13th Spitfire

This is what Mr. Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary, replied :

Dear Mr. Spitfire

Thank you for your message. I’m certainly not taking anything for granted at the moment – but if we are successful at the election, this is an issue we will look at. I can certainly think of many better ways in which the original £30,000 could have been spent.

Best wishes

Chris Grayling

(obviously I did not use the name '13th Spitfire')


All Seeing Eye said...

Interesting how Grayling was being painted a year or so ago as an up'n'coming one to watch. Witness his steady slide on the ConHome Shadow Caninet survey since his profile was raised.

As for this; simply say...go back to the old logo when we order new stationary but use the existing stuff up first and dig the old sign out of the basement. Total cost to the taxpayer: 4 screws to replace the sign on the door, one telephone call to the printers and one to the website bods. Better still, that call to me and I'll do the site for free.

Job done, everyone happy.

Oh, and one phonecall to the nearest Backbone Shop for Grayling's transplant too.

Anonymous said...

For Christ's sake, the crown was still in the god damn logo. The whole coat of arms was still in the logo. Get a pair of eyes. And shove them into your anus.