Thursday, 19 November 2009

How and Why?

Why do we exist and does what we do make any significant or material difference to the world we are fortunate (well...) to be part of? Is the pen (keyboard) really mightier than the sword when the enemy (New Labour and the government) command nothing less than a small legion of forces with which it can swiftly and quickly deny or block a story altogether. Are those forces in turn completely demented or are they just that corrupted that they do anything for money? How is it that 27 people are to decide the potentially mightiest politician in the EU and they say nothing? How can it be conceivable that a newspaper calls its reader idiots after they refuse the global warming shenanigans? Surely that is the newspaper's fault for not doing enough brainwashing to get its message across?

These questions have all terribly simple answers to normal people who still have a sense of duty and moral conviction that something is terribly wrong with this country. When grave stones are being consecrated by the authorities for they have become a health and safety hazard. I am trying to put myself into that person's clothes, how do you think when you have been tasked with such a mission to kick over graves... 'I am about to tip over these century old graves because my council says so - Jolly Good Then!' It is that last part of the person's hypothetical mind waves that have become and issue in this country; the blind acceptance and conformity where before there was a moral objection to something so monumentally stupid as tipping over a grave stone. This of course is something of an extreme example and I expect it wont be long before we hear heads rolling on this one, I know that I would be all the rage if someone (if that 'someone' turned out to be employed by my council there would be hell to pay, sure this is the internet and empty threats are ubiquitous but this is not one of them) kicked over my grandfather's grave stone. You would see nothing short of ballistic blitzkrieg on my behalf and I am a fairly sensible person - imagine someone who is a bit off the hook. Murder she wrote.

What we write now, this and many posts before it and what people like Mr. North, Guido and Iain Dale or Leg Iron, write - does it make a difference and does it matter? Perhaps, the fundamental difference between the MSM and bloggers is that we retain our common sense where the rest have fundamentally lost it. The Guardian yesterday ran a completely non-story about the M0D helping out Top Gear, where their twist was that they had spent taxpayer money and soldiering hours (which simply was not true and it was a downright lie). We know that this is complete BS, not because it is the Guardian, they sometimes have very incisive cover on the most fascinating of issues even though they are Labourites, and so it appears do most comments. Which is why we must consider what makes the media abandon its common sense when it is writing the simplest of issues and why don't they huff-and-puff more when something really paradoxically cockeyed has taken place. They instead insist that because they are a media outlet they must remain impartial. But we all know this is complete crap as well, it is ridiculously easy to put a political label of media outlets today, whereas they are pretending that 'bias' is like French to them - c'est quoi monsieur?

Why the charade? Be honest for once in your miserable lives.

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