Saturday, 28 November 2009

Quick Two Cents on UKIP

The Tories love saying that voting UKIP is a vote for New Labour and Gordon because of the FPTP system. But that is not our fault dear Conservatives that is your fault for not providing satisfactory policies on issues which matter to the people; Immigration, Defence, EU etcetera. I suppose after years of being taught it, lots of Britons think that self-sacrifice for the sake of an important principle is a trait of the lunatic. Shame upon us all for thinking that the do-nothing approach is always the right way, which is to say the middle way not the high way - the one which is so intricate you are sure to loose your way after just a few miles and you didn't bring a map.

This is of course is not to say that UKIP will get more than a handful of MPs (maybe not any at all) but even so the blame lies with the Tories and not the electorate. Stop demonising and ostracising the people for taking a stand which does not fit in with your GE strategy. Those voters stand in the tradition of the Attlee Government, which refused to join the European Coal and Steel Community on the grounds that it was “the blueprint for a federal state” which “the Durham miners would never wear”. In that tradition, Gaitskell rejected European federalism as “the end of a thousand years of history” and liable to destroy the Commonwealth. Odd where we are now "innit"?

If New Labour are re-elected you only have yourselves to blame (tip: tell cast-iron-Dave). What is even worse, if you seek to discredit and destroy UKIP, and succeed, you will have forced a far more dangerous option upon the British people; the BNP. You will remember what your dear Leader, cast-iron-dave said; "UKIP is sort of a bunch of ... fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly". While I personally wouldn't condone anything Mr. Cast-Iron-Dave said, even with a bargepole a my bequest, surely they are better than the full monty (BNP)? Even though he is categorically wrong since the BNP is a racist party the former is not.

In the end what I think lingers beneath the tranquil exterior of many a voter's conscience (perhaps I give them too much credit) is the slightly unnerving possibility that Cameron is starting to look like Blair and UKIP are starting to look like the Conservatives. What of 13th Spitfire I hear you asking, what will I vote? Certainly the EU issue is much closer to my heart than your average voter, mainly because I am an insatiable libertarian who believes in representative democracy where the representatives are actually elected. But I can see the other side of the argument as well, Labour must be cast out before they truly destroy the country. When you read things like this then you understand why the current government must be removed. I have not made up my mind yet, on the one hand it seems pointless to vote anything but UKIP for ultimately we are controlled by Brussels. But if the Tories are kept out from power the path to sovereign destruction will be all the more accelerated.

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