Monday, 2 November 2009

Cameron U-turn and that picture...

Dizzy makes an extremely good point about this election campaign advertisement as issued by the Tory party. How long before other parties start using but with Cameron's face instead?

On a more happy note though, it is great to see that Britain outside the EU is actively and seriously being discussed now on blogs and the MSM. Hopefully that will turn into a proper national discussion.

Update; I seriously hope Cameron gets his act together, read some of the comments on newspapers who covered the story so far - every other comment is one saying something along the lines of 'that's it I am voting UKIP/BNP'. The EU is a very big issue for most people even though the MSM constantly asserts that it is not - they would wouldn't they? It is the same with immigration, they kept claiming that the British were all chilled out about that noodle, well that came back and bit them in the ass did it not? 12 years of New Labour have set in motion a trail of thought, I reckon, that presents itself in such a way that the electorate will not be taken along for a ride, not again. After 12 years of New Labour they will be dead certain that they get what is says on the package.


It took less than 24 hours for the picture discussed above to appear here.

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