Saturday, 7 November 2009

Holy Schmoly

Sorry chaps for taking a pause from the very important issue of our country's future. But, hopping on the superficial bandwagon this is just too cool. Miss England is a soldier - for all this government's fuck-ups including HM Opposition, they could not rob us of our peculiarity. I am now a proud Englishman/British again. Whereas most nations produce some sloppy 'Head and Shoulders barely-legal-teenager with boob implants' who hasn't done an honest days work in her life, the English come up with a foxy solider (yes I know some of the other contestants were equally impressive but that is not the point). That, my friends, is very honourable.

Thank god we are still sexist, the world without beauty competitions is one I do not want to inhabit.

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subrosa said...

I happen to know someone who is a pal of this lass. She deserves her accolade.