Monday, 16 November 2009

National Symbols on the EU Agenda to be off the Agenda

We hear that the new front-runner to be the first EU President is committed to a European national anthem and the replacement of a range of nationalistic symbols. Which is why I must ask you naive little Tory voters, what did you really think would happen? This is the beginning and it does not matter who we vote into Westminster now, hung parliament or not, NO-ONE will do anything about the leviathan that sits proudly in his new tower in Brussels. Yet you still apologise for the Tories?

The Huntsman, ever so clever, has summed it up well again:

The assault on the remaining power held by member 'states' is already well under way.

"'Lisbon Treaty should mean single EU seat on IMF board'
Britain should give up its place on the International Monetary Fund to make way for a single European Union seat on the fund’s board, a leading economist has said."

"Italy bidding for EU seat on UN Security Council
Italy has launched a new bid for the European Union to have its own seat on the United Nations Security Council after the passing of the Lisbon Treaty."

"Italy's Foreign Minister says post-Lisbon EU needs a European Army"

This points up the dereliction of duty implicit in Hague's vague promise to address the issue of the UK's relationship with the EU over the course of the next Parliament.

The future of Tory Euroscepticism is going to be traduced by a failure to meet head-on and forthwith the power-grabs that the EU will seek in the next twelve months. Their task is going to be all the simpler by virtue of Hague having effectively said that he is going to dither, procrastinate and wriggle like a worm out of doing anything about the EU and the consequences of Lisbon.

In such manner does the leadership of the Tory party wave off like an irritating fly the genuine and deeply felt Eurosceptic views of its backbenchers, PPCs, activists and members.

Well, the EU Comrades, with whom Cameron and Hague will soon be sitting down to so many lavish dinners, will have noted this planned procrastination with care and will be hard at
it from the 1st December.

It is right for the TPA to focus on "the economic cost and waste of the European project", but that may well be pointless if the source of the politcal power and legal authority to create that cost and waste goes wholly unaddressed until such time as Hague gathers up his skirts and finds the courage to deal with the EU.

Euroscepticism is being betrayed by the deliberate and carefully planned inaction of the Tory Leadership. The Party that stands behind them must make up its mind whether it is prepared to let them fiddle whilst Brittania burns.

So really, REALLY, if it is just a friendly trading area why the fuck do they need an army?

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All Seeing Eye said... they need an army?

Or, of course, a navy. I had a coffee-cup dropping moment the other week when the BBC interviewed an officer in full RN rig yet captioned on screen as being a commander of the EU force off Somalia.

Anyway, none of this can be true because I didn't see it on ConservativeHome :-)