Thursday, 19 November 2009

This EU President Business and his sidekick

Well, pushed by Blair, promoted by Brown, a career politician who never worked a 'real' job, helped sell our souls to the Lisbon treaty and married to a pollster. Would you like to meet her? Cathy Ashton (apparently she is a baroness but I only use that epithet when the person in question deserves it). Not fit to represent me, us or Great Britain. Yet somehow she is now our 'Foreign Minister' but of course the EU calls her High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

I would have been better if Tony Blair became EU president if we are to have one, at least he has some 'chutzpah'. Also for the fact that he would have greatly aided the eurosceptic campaign but I am sure Mr. EU-Wide-Tax wont disappoint either. Coincidentally, what rhymes with 'Herman', the new EU President, well of course 'German'. Fret not for I jest, of course the Germans had nothing to do with this did they? Xenophobia my arse, this is not xenophobia, it is just the plain, bare, deplorable dishonesty which is standing right in front of us, spitting down our throats while holding a shotgun to our balls. They could have been from bloody Mauritania for all I care, the very sincere disgust would have equivalent.

However these two will have to do, since they will aid the UK's final 10 years left in the EU - the countdown has begun. If the elite thinks otherwise there is little we can do for they command far greater resources than we do. But, we will sure as hell give them a run for their money, at the very least.


All Seeing Eye said...

The problem with a non-entity is that we will lulled over the next few years into believing that it is a non-job.

That, of course, is the way that the hydra that is the EU extends its influence - ratchetlike as we accept everything incrementally until the disgraceful becomes part of the furniture.

Typical Britishness: giggle at Rumpy's silly name and close our eyes to the real danger.

13th Spitfire said...

I do not think that will happen though, we need to sort out this EU mess soon otherwise it is going to balloon even more than its current size.

Something needs doing.