Saturday, 7 November 2009

These people deserve death by firing squad

Fucking little cunts, this really infuriates me, I know I am normally fairly polite on this blog but this really takes the absolute piss. For fucks sake!

"Germany and France – two countries with sound historical reasons for distrusting the instincts of their own people – were the founders of this enterprise"

No you stupid woman it was founded by a British civil servant and a dodgy french bloke called Mr. Monnet. How on earth is the EU to be taken on if our "commentators" cannot even get its history right?

More, a request to readers; does anyone have a poll or something of the like taken after Cameron's U-turn on Lisbon on voting intention for the GE? The Conhome has one which states that the party has not been hurt by the u-turn, but it being on Conhome makes it about as useful as a square circle.

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subrosa said...

I think the one on shows little change Spitfire.