Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cameron Speech

1."We will amend the 1972 European Treaty to give the British people a 'referendum lock' so that no further powers can be given away without their consent. This will be similar to what the Irish have."

Pointless. The EU does not need the consent of the UK Parliament or The People of the UK (to whom Sovereignty, which the ruling political class has so cravenly ceded to unelected unaccountable foreigners, belongs) to assume whatever powers it chooses to seize. Lisbon gives them that power. A UK Sovereignty Act will be over-ruled in a trice by the ECJ and will be a toothless, cynical, meaningless gimmick.

2. "Our manifesto will give us the mandate we need." This avoids any risk of the unpleasantness of The People gainsaying the Ruling Political Class. And in this way WE (because WE know better) will decide for The People what they really want in a way which makes it really really easy to weasel out of our promises.

3. "Parliament will have to approve any use of the Lisbon Treaty's ratchet clauses that can take more powers by stealth."

Its too late. Lisbon gives EU full primacy over UK law. If the EU decides to utilise this power, nothing Parliament does can trump EU law. Its over and time people understood this.

4."We aim to renegotiate control of social and employment laws, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and criminal justice policy." And if they refuse, what, pray, is Plan 'B'? Send a gunboat?

5."European integration must not be a one way street. We aim to establish the principle that powers can be returned to nation states as well as given up." And if they refuse, what, pray, is Plan 'B'? Send a gunboat?

6. "I know that some people want us to go further but Britain is facing the most serious crisis in the public finances. Addressing that will be a Conservative government's top priority." Now thast you have told them this, they will use the distraction thus provided to utilise to the full their new powers. By the time you get round to the EU they will have grabbed a whole lot more power.

7. "During questions Cameron says he will use accession negotiations and budget reviews to press his negotiating demands"

If Cameron does not play ball, the Euro Nabobs will simply alter whatever rules they need to dispense with his consent. The power of Provincial Governors to hold anything up is essentially nugatory.

The Euro Nabobs will take one look at this and fall about laughing. Never has such a large white flag been run up before battle is joined. They now know Cameron does not have the guts or moral fibre to take them on and will now do as they please when faced with such a Paper Tiger.

Remember: the Sovereignty of the UK belongs not to the Leader of the Tory Party or to the Conservatives. It belongs to us: so give us our country back!

Courtesy of the The Hunstman.

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