Thursday, 26 November 2009

Au Contraire we can do something

Have you ever stopped for a second and started being really un-PC? Well I do not think I was ever properly PC at all, certainly my friends seem to squirm when I even mention the word 'immigration' my family, similar, I explain that I am not a racist that I have read far more reports on immigration pros and cons than they, I spent a few hours reading a particular House of Lords report on the subject making my own red notes, and finally I devise my conclusions that arch echelon of Political Correctness, immigration, is too high and I spent the last 15 minutes explaining why. Yet, even by logical deduction...

-small country
-most densely packed country on planet
-fuel truly dangerous parties NF or the BNP
-null economic benefit

I am still being regarded by strange eyes which seem to ask through their blurring stupidity why am I diverging from my box of conformity? Do I not know that I must hold the line? That talking about immigration is a kin to blasphemy? I know all of that which is precisely what I do. Luckily enough I know how to back up my arguments and have written extensively on the subject here on this blog and elsewhere so I know what I am talking about. Yet... I am still a racist in their eyes. You have to give it to the powers that be that they have certainly done a fine job when it comes to conformity of the masses.

The funny thing is though, if you as a person have adopted that quintessentially un-PC stance which is to say an anti-government stance on every issue: anti-EU, cap on immigration, anti-surveillance state and so on you will quite often find, so I have at least, that people readily hop on that bandwagon, for they do agree, they are just too afraid of breaking cover and actually unleashing their bottled up feelings of the derelict state of society and the nation at large. I cannot imagine what they think might happen? We do not yet have an equivalent of STASI in the UK, they are sure to come, but not yet, the cameras only actually work if you are wearing your address on your t-shirt when you commit that unsocial act. They only aid the police in 1 of 1000 instances. They are shit, useless and completely unnecessary but exist primarily for you to know that you are being watched. That they cannot actually do anything with it matters little.

Why I ask, can we make a difference, those us who bereave the government of all its honour day-by-day online and expose its darkest secrets, find the patterns they wish to be hidden and generally being a massive thorn in their side, like France. Honestly, I think not, those of us who write are generally more socially aware than the rest of the population who consider X-factor the prime happening of the week and not the state of democracy in the UK. You cannot really blame them however, it is not really their fault, if the state wants you to be dumb you will be dumb. Thankfully it does not extend across the board. But are to we to say once peaceful revolution has been hampered and violent revolution is just around the corner, that 'we told you so?'. I hope it will never come to that and if it does, rather than gloating about our foresight we can act as a candle in the wind when things really turn nasty and be quite sure they will; Peter Mandelson, an unelected Politician seized total control of the Internet in the UK, an unelected man has become "President" of half a billion people in Europe and a scheme to actually steal unimaginable amounts of money from the next three generations of the worlds people has been made public. All of this was just last week. Pessimism is not a populism it is a realism when enemies of the state are running it.

You are never alone when you take a stand - remember that.

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