Friday, 30 October 2009

Why bother voting anyway?

+++NOTE you have to listen to this whilst reading this piece if you want to understand the full meaning of it!+++

The choice is between a Labour big government socialist bent on self enrichment or a Tory big government socialist bent on self enrichment. All the important decisions are now taken in Brussels anyway, making voting a pointless charade.

Writing these short soundbites is obviously a pointless exercise since they bring nothing new to this world which no one did not already know. It does serve the purpose of revealing and displaying the feeling of sincere apathy and helplessness in one who previously believed in Great Britain but now finds himself wondering what there is left to believe in? The tourists come here and marvel and our great palace that serves as Parliament, gaze in awe at the fantastic building housing the 'Supreme Court' (ignorant of its short but black history) and comment upon the flashy Neo/Gothic/Victorian building which is Portcullis house. They fly away again quickly as they came with a sense of greatness of Britain - 'what a marvellous country, such democracy such fine people etcetera.'

They do not know the dark truth that lingers beneath all the make-believe faces that dispose a sense of wellbeing amongst the population. You say that most people do not care about politics but they do care about their country, for everything they do or say influence the way in which Britain moves forward, that is the circle of life that encapsulates humanity. You can cut the frustration with a knife that is the full extent of the problem encircling all echelons of society today. But they cannot do anything about it for whoever they vote for will not do what they wish; reduce immigration, retain and expand public ownership, remove the shackles of the EU and reduce the size of the state. The Tories wont do any of this as little as Obama did few of the things he promised whilst on election parade.

People are despairing and extremism is the politics of despair, pity that our masters cannot see history repeating itself until it is too late. When they have acknowledged this they will chant of course that they knew this was coming yet little did they do about it. 'England expects' they will say drawing disgusting parallels between themselves and Lord Nelson but we will only reply 'what, tell us what we expect, what is your take on the Vox Populi Mr. Government - what?'

My two cents? ('as if the past thousand cents have not been enough you utter twat' you say) Thank god for Newton's Third Law. I have not doubt that I am far too inconsequential to be on the governments' 'watch' list but I am certain that a fair few bloggers are. What makes me happy in the end is that the people always win. It might take months, years, decades but we always win in the end for you cannot stop a uniform force who have a generic idea of the way we want to live our life. Ever stopped to think why the British are honoured with the bulldog? It is lazy creature, eats a lot and sleeps a lot, it can be unbelievably cuddly and compromising if it wants to, rarely if ever losses its temper even if you shout at it, scream at it or even push it around - it merely yawns and turns the other cheek. But it will only be pushed so far before it bites. We have yet to bite we are still at the sleeping stage but we are surely being pushed around, pray that those forces know when to stop.

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