Friday, 2 October 2009

It is a sad day

It is always a sad day when a country be it Ireland and the Nice Treaty, Denmark and the Maastricht Treaty, have to vote again because the produced the 'wrong' answer in the eyes of the EU. It is ironic that they shall have two votes yet we none.

In a couple of weeks (29 of October the meeting is held by the Swedish presidency) we might well have that disgusting man Tony Blair as our de facto leader. Most will agree that this man and his Gordon Brown have been detrimental to the very existence of the country we called Great Britain. There wont be any Great Britain much longer only Britain and then only England and the only regions of the isles of Britain. This is not scaremongering this is just looking at the harsh reality of the EU project as it has advanced hence. This is what they intend to do, it says so in the treaties. We pay little attention of course because we are not supposed to worry our little heads about things like that.

The ball is now firmly in Cameron's court. People seem to have this view of Mr. Cameron as a cunning politician who wont reveal his true colours now (apparently that of a eurosceptic) because he could be bullied by the EU to re drape himself if the comes to office. People think that Mr. Cameron dare not publicly state that he is a eurosceptic in fear of alienating voters (which ones?). I can only say that I think you are all very wrong. Cameron is a eurocrat if there ever were one. Some say he has not committed fully to a referendum because he does not hold the prime ministersship yet, and as such he could be bullied by the EU to withdraw any referendum promises he as made.

I hope you noticed the constant interaction of the EU in national politics. This is against their own rules. But most know this and most do not care for the EU has double standards or 'poly' standards would be more appropriate, for every single issue. The 'rules' are but guidelines.

In the end when we vote eight months from now, Mr. Cameron should be wary of reneging further his promises on Lisbon (remember initially we were offered a referendum regardless of the circumstances), judging by the internet alone, at this stage, he stands to lose a lot of voters by leaving the bomb ticking.

But most of all Mr. Cameron do not ever take voters for granted.

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