Sunday, 25 October 2009

Poltics and Spotify

I am not entirely sure if ye older readers are aware of the amazing software this is Spotify, if you are not I sincerely suggest you increase your musical horizons for it is quite useful. Anyhow some of you who do use the service might know that a couple of days ago the tories started to air their adds in between the songs. They state the obvious of course; sensationalist soundbites which they hope will encourage younger people like me to grasp the seriousness of the situation and ergo vote for the 'right' party which naturally is the Tories.

Before I go into why this is so monumentally stupid let me just remind you all where they Tories got their name from. The name originally applied in the 17th century to Irish Roman Catholic outlaws and bandits who harassed the English in Ireland. In the reign of Charles II the name came to be applied as an abusive term to supporters of the Crown. The word comes from the Irish word 'toraighe' which means 'pursue'. Which is quite apt seeing as the official name of the party is the Conservatives but I am seriously starting to ask myself what on earth are they conserving? The Great British pub? The superb armed forces? Centuries upon centuries of history which have laid the foundation stones of Britain today? (no they wont repeal the smoking ban and actually make people responsible for their own actions, no they are going to cut major defence projects and troop numbers, they wont repeal all the ridiculous constitutional "reform" acts which have beset the past two decades and have utterly destroyed parliament as we once knew it)

As such you might wonder what this has to do with Spotify? The person explains how Gordon Brown has created a massive debt for the country. We know this, it is hard to miss. Yet it is not as if Cameron's, Howard's or Major's tories have not been complacent in destroying this once very great nation (with or without empire) - look at the Tory voting record in Brussels for example they nearly always voted in favour for giving more power to Brussels at the expense of national parliaments. This was during the EPP time and you might say that that will all change because Cameron has pulled the party out of the integrationist leviathan. Bollocks to that, look at Cameron he is Tony Blair with flaky hair no different at all. He is winging on the referendum, he only pulled the Tories out of the EPP so he would win the party leadership. He does not care about being Blair's lapdog - as little as Blair cared for being Bush's lap dog all those years ago.

Policies? Stick another logo on them and they might as well have come from LibDem HQ or Labour HQ they are that similar. This leads you to believe that while Brown is utterly disastrous as a leader and minister how on earth will Cameron be different? He has not character and appears to be basing all his policies on the whims of the media and not of the people - they may be the most ludicrous of whims but that is what representative democracy is all about: to represent the electorate for that is the power you have been given ON LOAN.
While Mr. Cameron might think that he is being progressive (I do not know how the fuck he ever could have got that into his head but rest assured he has) by introducing all women shortlists he is doing precisely the same wishy-washy lovey-dovey stuff that the Labour government of the past 12 years have done. We see through you and believe you are a utter twat for even considering putting gender before experience and merit. The same goes pretty much for all their policies, immigration for example - yesterday it was confirmed what we all knew that mass-immigration was a political decision not economic (look as the HoL's report on the matter), Tory response: a cap. Well hoo-fucking-ray why not introduce something cheaper which has a proven track record instead? Exit checks, why oh why are they so bad and politically incorrect?! Is it such a crime to know who is actually in the country?

Centre politics is politics without principle and it is always bollocks.


subrosa said...

Send me an invitation to Spotify then Spitfire. :) Please.

GoodnightVienna said...

I'm having the same thoughts as you 13th. I've never strayed from the Cons before but the stakes are so high that I'm uncommitted now. It seems to me the Cons don't have the heart or will to unpick any of the damage inflicted on the country over the years - how can they when they've been complicit?

Lily said...

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