Saturday, 31 October 2009

Albert Burgess

What an epic tale...

And you gullible little Guardianistas/FT think that this will all go away once Lisbon is passed? It will grow like nothing you have seen before, the 40-50% who want out now will grow to 60-70% and then to unity. Eventually someone will have to listen; representative democracy only works as long as we trust people to represent us. Suffice to say they are in very hot water as it stands and no "Parliamentary scrutiny committee" can do anything to rectify what it took 300 years for previous ministers of the Crown to build and nourish: 'trust'.

Tony Blair might become President of the EU - so what? We do not trust him.
David Cameron might become PM of this country - so what? We do not trust him, unless he proves us wrong in all his assumptions about him.

I should campaign to become president I reckon. The first thing I would do would be to close the damn thing down.

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