Friday, 2 October 2009

No Discussion yet

Having campaigned for a discussion on the Lisbon Treaty Referendum on ConservativeHome it seems they are strangely reluctant to start one. Even though they are the party who has to deal with the consequences once the 'shit hits the fan' as Americans like to say.

Odd stance they have one has to admit.


This Observer said...

Odd? Not really.

The guys over at ConHome are serious party activists and know full well that the last thing the Tories need at the moment is a full on internal battle over Europe like the one which inevitably errupt were ConHome to start inviting debate over Lisbon.

This close to an election, with conference just around the corner, who could blame them for sitting on the Lisbon issue for as long as possible?

13th Spitfire said...

I know that... I am just trying to cling on to something which will provide a slither of hope.

I know Cameron will be on the fence until after the election when actions will be taken but most likely not the ones advocated by the electorate.

Apathy is getting the better of us.