Saturday, 3 October 2009


I really should not be saying this but I will: the Irish 'yes' is actually a lot more interesting because it has turned the entire British political establishment (fuck Ken Clark, who listens to him anyway) into a EU talking club. This is extremely good news because it means that no party can hide and Labour's and the LibDem's ultra pro-EU credentials will be reproduced again and again, loosing them even more votes at the GE (of course not letting it slip that they promised a referendum on the treaty as well but backtracked this promise). It also means that the Tories cannot hide away from the issue despite Cameron's very poor attempt at appeasement in the form of his "news letter". Even more it will give UKIP more air time which is always good since they can hopefully push the Tories to adopt a proper policy before the GE machine is switched on.

And to top it all off, the Irish are not going to like this - did you know they were a satellite state of Britain all along?

When people look back upon this episode of history what will they think I wonder? Well, I believe that this period can be pretty well summed up in these simple words

‘For you, zee referendums are over. Simples’

Ohh wipe that stern look of your face, it is just poking a bit of fun at zee Germans.

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