Saturday, 3 October 2009

UKIP just got a solid election platform

What else is there to say, even though Guido has gone mainstream and is now more part of the establishment than the MSM itself, he did get it superbly right with these words

"That makes it No 1, Yes 1, so surely we need a tie-break referendum?"

Of course that is not how the EU operates they only take what is theirs and that is only a 'yes' vote and they have that now. I think that what probably is going through most Tory minds now is 'who to vote for now?' Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hague are slowly moving away from their referendum promise day-by-day where "new circumstances" apply and a blocking of Mr. Blair as the president (there by accepting the Lisbon Treaty as it creates a President). One thing is certain however UKIP now have a solid election platform to stand on. Where the Tories seek to fix the deficit and the social breakdown of this country just like they wanted to in 1939. A war broke out then and if we were to view history from an economic and social point of view then certainly Chamberlain would be remembered as the Greatest Briton and not Churchill as it currently stands. Thankfully we did not because our freedoms were too important to be sacrificed for short term party political gain. Scroll forward a few decades and our current position seems strangely familiar to the one back in 1939 safe for the war. History does repeat itself.


GoodnightVienna said...

Well said 13th. That's the sad comparison which was running through my mind when I wrote my first post this morning.

13th Spitfire said...

Well at least there is a consensus amongst us bloggers. That counts for a lot these days.