Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Grand list of predictions - add your own

In election times such as these the coming months will see a lot of predictions as to who will win the general election '10 and what kind of majority they will get and so on. This is only to be expected however I want to make a more long term prediction of my own, one which I think people will share (I hope) at least moderately. The year 2010 to 2015:

  1. The Tories will not win the General Election in 2015 under David Cameron for he will have comprehensively proved that he was nothing other than Tony Mark II and the Tories nothing but BluLabour. This is proved by recent events showing precisely what kind of government we can expect; no Lisbon referendum or why not all-women shortlists or take the privatisation of Royal Mail. They will not be any different and what is more no party in power is ever eurosceptic.
  2. Daniel Hannan will most likely leave the party as he will probably realise during the coming 5 years that the Tories under Cameron do not represent his views (the views he has come to demonstrate thus far). What he would join instead I cannot say.
  3. Ibid. Douglas Carswell and probably David Davies as well.
  4. The BNP will rise with an alarming rate as the main three continue to mute themselves on issues which actually matter to the people; EU, Defence, Immigration, Law and Order, Corrupting welfare, Expensive and Unreliable transport, Violent schools, Unaffordable houses, high taxes and overbearing government. Mr. Cameron will find that it is extremely convenient for him to keep the status quo on most of these issues once he enters Downing Street, of course making it difficult for him since he has promised reform on pretty much every area.

This list will be added to, naturally, five years is a long period and there are a lot of predictions to make but the above four seem plausible, at least to me. I suggest Dave gets another row model other than Mr. Obama, socialism a.k.a. New Labour has had its day in this country.

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Quiet_Man said...

BNP and UKIP, the EUskeptical equivalent of Labour and Tory.

Also, further rise of English nationalism as the big 3's attempts to make the union work cause greater anger and a sense of betrayal in the one nation of the union denied their own Parliament