Saturday, 31 October 2009

So out of tune...

We all know that our politicians are hopelessly out of tune with public opinion so also the MSM but few could have got it as wrong as Arch-Twat David Aaranovitch...
"Migration can enrich us economically and culturally. But politicians are not brave enough to put the positive case"
Has the man been on holiday for the past few weeks, unfamiliar with the BNP acronym are we Mr. Aaranovitch? Look at the comments dear reader I daresay you will find one which is positive of Mr. Aaranovitch's comment (I did not).

For the record between 1997-2007, a net 2.7 million immigrants (ONS figures however and as such government figures which cannot be trusted) were let into the country of those roughly 500,000 were from the EU and the majority of which can be expected to return. These figures do not take into account the illegal immigrant figure nor the 'asylum' seeker figure (with apostrophes since international law states that anyone who is seriously at threat from foes in ones home country must seek asylum in the first country he or she enters when fleeing. Britain is the last fucking country in Europe and then you hit the Atlantic Ocean! Is it not amazing that they all manage to somehow avoid; France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Austria, the Ukraine, Russia etcetera - I know that these countries have their fair share of asylum seekers as well but none have as liberal asylum laws as the UK where you as an asylum seeker can expect £40 a week for your troubles, a small fortune for most asylum seekers). If you want a full analysis of what has really been going on I suggest you read this.

Then of course we have the ignominious Baroness Warsi who pointed out to Nick Griffin last week that 'asylum' is an actual legal term. Not wishing to blow Mr. Griffin's trumpet, for the man is very strange but he has a law degree and knows, as do most of us, that 'asylum' is a judicial nomenclature which is being manipulated and exploited by people who simple want to come here for the country's very generous benefits system. By doing this of course they are sidelining the people who really are being persecuted by the deranged regimes of their origin, people which the UK could with all likelihood help with great success were we not flooded with simple crooks who do not have the common decency to work. I am a student, I work, why must I pay tax to people who do not care for anything but themselves? Tax which could have helped war-ravaged minds who need serious professional help from the likes of the NHS and the FCO. But instead that money is used to feed the system which our politicians are too pathetic to reform it to an end whose means could help asylum seekers from countries like Bonker-Burma or Irrational-Iran.


Addendum: For those of you who did not know the literary device of using three dots or '...' is called an ellipsis.

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