Monday, 5 October 2009

Lisbon Treaty Referendum Poll - what do you think?


GoodnightVienna said...

Ireland's present Constitution allows for referenda. As I understand it, their ratification of the Treaty has thrown future referenda into doubt. If this is true it's highly likely that we will never have a vote on it in Britain though there have been suggestions of a referendum on parts of it. I'm trying to find out the present, firm position vis-a-vis the treaty & referenda/elections.

13th Spitfire said...

I for one think there wont be a referendum at all bar something completely irrelevant like employment law. All that does not matter since it will still have the self-amending clauses and the next Labour government will just remove the opt-out anyway. No, I think this shows who Cameron really is; nothing but a Blu Tony.

Which is sort of good for me since my Prediction about the election in 2014 has just been reinforced: Labour nor Tories will win 2014 but fringe parties will form a coalition.

Quiet_Man said...

The only way there will ever be a referendum is if we make it very clear that No Referendum means No Votes. It seems to be the only thing politicians understand.

13th Spitfire said...

Quiet-Man I think that is precisely what is going through most voter's head right now. It certainly seems to be the only option.

FoolD said...

Unfortunately the EU is not top priority on people's minds at the moment - a coincidence, perhapse ... perhapse not.
Most aren't even aware of its chequered history much less understand it's importance. First the voters first need to be informed - which the British media have a very bad record of doing.
Once they are they will show their resolve - but the later that is the messier the outcome will be.
Interesting times indeed.

13th Spitfire said...

Aahh but FoolD I think now it is becoming very clear precisely what the EU is. The EU previously acted in the shadows, by stealth seeping away powers from national governments. This is after all how Monnet envisaged that the whole Project should work. Problem now is that the Lisbon Treaty brings the EU out into the open and particularly for the British. Few people hate Blair as much as the British you can be quite sure of that. The prospect of having another Blair government for another five years, I think scares the living daylight out most voters (Blair would be the de facto ruler of the UK should the treaty come to pass).

If they are out in the open people can see that they exist. I think what is more, people are starting to realise what the EU actually is. An average of 47% of voters now want out of the EU altogether, not just the Lisbon but the whole shebang.