Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Hand of History

Seriously who owns this bloody "hand of history" it seems to be on everyone's shoulder these days. Presuming that anyone who is anything will do something to remit them a mention in a history books in years to come. People get of your high horses until you actually do something worthy of a mention. Trust me so far there are few things which even deserve to go into "history" pages of the BBC.

Declan Ganley, leader of the Libertas party which led the campaign for an Irish 'No' vote, told The Sunday Telegraph: "David Cameron must now feel the hand of history upon on his shoulder. He has now to decide whether he wants to be a great leader by committing to a referendum or just another prime minister with broken promises." (my emphasis)

Believe it or not Brian Cowen was also being felt up by the hand last year. "As Brian Cowen walked through a standing ovation in the packed ballroom, it was clear the weighty hand of history had just brushed against his shoulder for the first time." (my emphasis) Apparently the man won some kind of national referendum which gave him the geopolitical influence of a chocolate muffin.

However "the hand" has a favourite victim which he cajoles into nightly session in the bed chamber, where there is more than just 'feeling' going on - Cheerie Blair was on record when she said this about her husband Tony Blair. "I feel the hand of history on our shoulder in respect to this. I really do. I just think we need to acknowledge that and respond to it." (my emphasis) The man which in the future I reckon can be chiefly blamed for Britain leaving the EU, made this remark with regard to the peace process in Northern Ireland - you know the one which was such a "success"?

Thus it stands; this nasty little sodomite "the hand" is everywhere trying to score royalties in future works of history where it will remit some men and women a mention because it had the great honour of 'touching' them on the shoulder (in Blair's case most likely in a lot more places), thereby releasing the flow of 'history-making-endorphins'. Yupp, that is how you make it into the books.

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