Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Good Link; Good Link

This is a good link to a good article. You might think that I bang-on about the EU too much and that other things are now more important. What exactly might that be? Any suspecting Labour voters, you bunch of bastards have lost any credibility that you might once have had as far as managing the country is concerned. Anyremark you have on any policy will be instantly ignored for, lo and behold, you destroyed the country ergo any remark you make will with all certainty be of the same token.

This is also well written by the Devil's Kitchen.

"By shackling ourselves to this organization, we are making a mistake of truly staggering proportions. The red tape is stifling our businesses and our economic growth; the endless bickering and squabbling delays negotiations for years (and that is just on matters currently within the EU's area of competence). In real terms, and whichever way you cut it, the EU costs us an enormous amount of money.

It is time for Britain to stand on her own two feet, to wean itself off the EU comfort blanket, and leave the old, crippled relatives to fight over the remaining crumbs. Either they will realize that those scraps are not worth fighting over and join our way of thinking, or they will die.

Whatever happens, there seems to be no political or economical reason why Britain, having made this assessment, should attempt to change the EU edifice or delude ourselves that such change is even possible; Tony Blair's abject failure to make any progress whilst President, in 2005, should have taught us that. We should get out now, while the going is good, and leave the assorted EU countries to sort out their own problems."

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