Sunday, 4 October 2009

Awful feeling

I get this awful feeling that there is a lot of horse trading going on in the shadows with regards to EU policy from the Conservative party. That cannot be good.

There are arguments for not going into a full scale debate about the EU right now, amidst the run-up to a General election. There are far more pressing problems apparently. While I can be sympathetic towards this attitude I cannot accept it for it is deeply flawed. Anyone with a serious interest in democracy knows how the EU works and knows that it is absolutely not democratic, for the simple reason that it was not mean to be. There is no such thing as a "democratic deficit" that the make-believe eurosceptics (or the MSM which has not bothered to pick up a history book) love to throw around. In engineering there are five stages of design but the most important is the first one; function. What is the function of your project? For the EU, it is and was control. We do not make our laws anymore so we can quite safely say that they have acheived that aim.

Cameron claims that he can only have one policy at time. For fucks sake Mr. Cameron which serious, heavyweight and leading politician does not have a 'plan B'? That is complete and utter bollocks and you know it. We have to sort out the deficit yes, we have to sort out the unemployment yes, we have to sort out Afghanistan and so on. There are a lot of extremely important policy areas that deserve the greatest of attention, for solving them will help solving the Broken island that Britain has become. There are other priorities and there is another agenda but when the elephant is blocking the road to every single useful reform, perhaps one ought to stop and ask 'hang on, where is my blunderbuss' . The EU 'project' now touches upon every sphere of government and society and it is becoming painfully obvious that the electorate has little appetite for playing ball anymore. Politicians are not always allowed to set their own agenda. In this case democracy, honour and morality will demand a say, the people will demand a say on their Future in the EU.

If you do not let us decide we wont let you decide.

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