Sunday, 21 February 2010

Why cannot Dave seal the deal?

Many bloggers and news columnists have been posting similarly titled pieces as this. I thought I would take a stab (can you say 'take a stab' nowadays or is that non-PC?) at it myself.

People are at heart conservative, or so I believe. I too was attracted by the the 'philanthropists' policies of marxism when I was younger. I even devised my own system when 16 but that is for another time. At first glance marxism or socialism, whatever have you, seem good for the people. They will help the greater lot at the expense of the few. It is my firm belief that when Marx envisioned socialism, he wanted to make a world where everyone would be happy. Tragically, however, his ideals were taken to the extrema, corrupted and turned into something vile he never, I believe, wanted.

The properties of socialism can be summed up:
  • All members of the economy share benefits, regardless of their economic value to the system.
  • A healthy socialistic system results in non-economic productivity.
  • In environments with plentiful resources, socialism provides all members with their survival needs, through the redistribution of wealth.
  • Members that cannot participate economically - due to disabilities, age, or periods of poor health - can still impart wisdom, support and continuity of experience to the system.
  • Leaders not producing, should have absolute say over those who are producing.
But it never work. Humans are hardwired to reach for the top, we get a kick out of being the best. I know I do, it does not happen a lot due to the people I socialise with are far cleverer and better at most things than myself. But, when it does happen, it feels good. Depriving an entire society of that emotion is unnatural. It is like trying to remove the emotion of love from society that would equally unnatural and wrong. Giving credit where it is due though, the socialists tried that as well. Because socialism inherently seeks to undermine so many basic human interactions and emotions that are imprinted on our dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and other areas of the brain - at some point it just breaks down. It breaks down, where the authorities have to use force to impose a system of belief they themselves do not believe in. I do not think socialism is evil but the people who exercise it are so convinced or their own self-righteousness that you cannot stop them. Look at the past 13 years of Labour. They are convinced socialists and will not listen to reason or anything at all save for themselves. This is the worst government ever seen by the United Kingdom - and I say that not as a Libertarian/Real-Tory person but as a casual observer with a firm knowledge of British history. Nothing beats them in incompetence and mistreatment of this country.

Now this is what I think are vote winners:
  1. Reduce immigration with a proper compassionate policy. Let those in who want to work, who can work, who are healthy and can support themselves. This is the second most populated country in the world so zero net-immigration is a must at least for a few years until things have settled down. Social services are cracking under the pressure of too many people. This scheme is applied to EU countries as well.
  2. Return to EFTA - most people hate the EU and it is not going to go away.
  3. Proper foreign policy with a 5-10% spend of GDP on the armed forces. The world is becoming more dangerous not less. Remember the man who stood in the street and waived a pointless white paper in the air and called it "victory".
  4. Social welfare; it is extraordinary that people get £20,000+ every year for doing nothing. People must be enthused about getting a job and earning their daily bread. People are not ashamed nowadays to say that they are on benefits and have scammed the government (when in reality they scammed their fellow taxpayer man).
  5. Leave the civil service alone; depoliticise it.
  6. Bring back the Law Lords.
  7. Legislative controls the Executive. Finito.
  8. Semi Quango Genocide save for the ones who are actually involved in proper business.
  9. Seeing as the Glaciers are all going to melt in 5 years (according to the IPCC) wait and see five years before adopting any "Green" policies. See if it makes any difference at all.
That will do for now but that is what I think, to some extent, encompasses the reasons why Dave cannot seal the deal; he is not a Tory, he is a modern Conservative. If people vote Labour again, that is all right as long as they know what they are in for. I think it is important that we remember that the public at large cannot namedrop paragraphs from relevant EU treaties, know what the 1922 committee is etcetera. Politics in the real world is very simplistic - we can rage all we want in the blogosphere about what a humongous cunt Mr. Brown is but the way the voters see it is this; 'if he can cry on TV he deserves my vote' and that sadly is the intelligence level we are operating on.

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