Monday, 8 February 2010

Turn of the TV - Manly P. Hall's take on the World

I am doing a lot of 'interesting-listening/watching-posting' today simply because the topic I wish to write about will require too much of my time and too much of my energy to be worthwhile. Alas, I shall save that for a later date when I have properly collected my thoughts on the subject matter and shall bring it forth, like a ball of fire, upon the great unwashed that constitute the readers of this blog. Oh, I jest. The readers of this blog I am eternally grateful to, and I might add that their numbers have been going up for some time now - why I cannot fathom but I will extend my sincerest gratitude and hope that you will continue to read the collected ramblings of a university student who is presumptuously sick of the world.

Hence, I give you this from Monty P. Hall where thanks is due to Mr. Fausty who has yet again, with his blistering incisiveness for what is libertarian, spotted a very interesting piece -not the best one from Mr. Hall- but certainly worth listening to;


Captain Ranty said...

Erm, that would be Mrs Fausty, 13.

Made the same mistake myself.


13th Spitfire said...

Oh dear, my apologies, I did not know.

Fausty said...

How would you know, Spitfire? :)

Thanks for linking.