Monday, 22 February 2010

Which is why we wont be voting Tory

The two-day visit to Brussels, which begins on Tuesday, by the most pro-EU member of David Cameron's cabinet-in-waiting is seen by European officials as a signal that a new Conservative administration will work with the EU executive rather battling against it.

Mr Clarke, who will be accompanied by Mark Prisk and John Penrose, junior shadow business ministers, is expected to seek concessions on financial and employment regulations during the meetings, which are not listed on the European Commission's official diary.

Fiona Hall, leader of the European Liberal Democrats, suggested that the secrecy surrounding talks meant that "the Tories have something to hide".

"The question is what deal will he do? Will he sell out his own beliefs or those of his anti-European colleagues?" she said.

Which is why we wont be voting Tory - and think I do not need to speculate further on who "we" actually are since there are so many right now. Someone might then say 'well Labour will be even worse and sell out everything left of the UK, so you are only betraying yourself if you vote anything but Tory'. Labour at least believe in their own policy of selling out the UK they have the ideological advantage. The Tories again don't believe in anything, nothing which qualifies as conservative.