Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Where did the British go?

Have you ever heard of 'balls'? You know a proper pair a cojones as they are called in Spanish. Wikipedia labels it as a "vulgar" word quite how they got to that conclusion I cannot fathom. Yet it stands tall representing the noble synonym for courage. So where did the British balls go? Certainly most of them seem to be converged on Nigel Farage these days and a trickling of that has also reach some other public figures. But mostly if you look at the rag-bag that today constitutes councillors, well most of them are pathetic excuses for human beings not even remotely fit to serve their fellow man. Naturally there are exceptions and one is always overjoyed to take notice of their firm existence, when they are swimming against the bullshit-tide that has become everyday life in the UK.

It used to be different of course, things naturally change but still most things retain at least a modicum of its previous self; be it sport, culture, art, literature, film etcetera. Things change but remain the same in the carefully worded oxymoron. The stark irony of history tells us that the PM with the largest cojones to date was a woman namely Margaret Thatcher. Naturally people have qualms about Thatcher, she made a lot of good decisions but also a lot of bad ones, but what she did do first and foremost was to firmly underline that this was a woman which you do not fuck around with. Unlike our leaders today who are incessantly being tossed around between global political leaders, not stopping for a moment to contemplate what they themselves think, or more importantly what their people think (or their voters for that matter).

Bloggers like to think that they have big cojones, that if the opportunity was given they would swoop on to the world stage, claw back power and put Britain right. Most of the bloggers can talk the talk most certainly (and that is what scares the left) but can they walk the walk? Only time will tell. It seems then that the British went online. What can otherwise be the answer? You will only get a sincere answer from anyone these days if that answer is given whilst on the internet. If you try to get a politician or public figure, to speak from his heart you might as well have asked Achilles to consider the latest high heals from Gucci. You cannot get an honest answer from them. Instead their charisma is centered around their supposed charisma. I know that that sentence does not make semantical sense but read it again. David Cameron is an enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in a mystery, who no one likes. Gordon Brown no one likes because he has no charisma at all he only pretends he does. Nick Clegg is so boring to watch and listen to, that even Harriet Harman seems like Angelina Jolie by comparison.

Then you have the smaller parties. They all have leaders and people in them who actually practise what they preach. Farage basically told Von Rumpy to fuck of today (who incidentally is a denizen since he is a man without a country), and naturally I applaud any move which exposes the incompetence as personified by the EU. Nick Griffin, racist wanker and loony as a tosser, but he still took the mick out of Jack Straw on Question Time when calmly announced that Straw's father sat in prison during WWII and Griffin's fought. I do not like racists more than the next person, quite where they got that view from I can only but speculate in, however it is the unrelenting belief which is fascinating and valid of analysis. Imagine if Mr. Brown actually believed that he had saved the world, if he actually believed that he has not ruined the UK then maybe, just maybe, he would be able to do something constructive with the army of civil servants hired under his watch. But as the record stands he is just a big fat tub of shit who does not even have the decency to resign from an office which he has hopelessly rendered meaningless under his tenure as its guardian.

Let me offer your some solace though. The British will be back and they will grow a new pair of bollocks as we call them over here. Hope is a sine curve; it goes up and down periodically, and reaches its peaks and its throughs every so often. Even though most of you would probably just like to emigrate right now, I urge you to stay. Things will and can only get better it is the only possible outcome. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you piss off the people the people will be pissed off with you. Simples. You do not need a legion of policy advisers to tell you that, a simple job would have done the trick - taught you the skills needed. Therein lies also the problem, most of our MPs never had a real job and just do not have a clue how the rest of us function. Plato said that no minister below the age of 50 should be let into the governing house, Plato said that more than 2500 years ago. Yet under the aegis of equality people without any experience of life are now governing people with experience. It is a paradox without an equal. But a paradox which simply cannot last.

While the proper citizens are currently dormant and accumulating their range, they will have to vent it at some point and I daresay that not a battalion or a brigade of PCSOs can stop that tidal wave of mistrust and disgust aimed at the people who let this country fall of the cliffs of hope and into Dante's inferno.

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