Saturday, 6 February 2010

Conservative Policy - another one bites the dust

Cameron is quickly, very quickly, becoming the true heir to Blair delivering a policy manifesto which is to all intents and purposes complete and utter bollocks, useful to no one and useless to everyone. So far it includes
  • climate change
  • gay rights
  • international development
  • defence cuts
  • increasing taxes.
  • ring fenced the NHS budget
Very little is being mentioned on the EU, Immigration, ECHR or the economy (the economy in the sense or proposing something which might work, cutting the deficit is fine if you actually know how to).

So here is where the above issues stand

Climate change, turned out to be a fraud yet Greer than thou Cameron is making it a centrepiece of Tory policy

Gay rights are fine, but they are now instead discriminating against religious people who do not like gays. You might call them simple, but there are a couple of million of them so that probably is not advisable.

Ring fencing international development aid? Seriously wtf?

Defence cuts amid a bloody war, Monty would explode if he knew.

Increasing taxes - great vote winner.

Ring fence the NHS budget - yes lets ring fence the damn thing instead of actually trying to streamline the second largest employer in the world, cannot be any waste there now can it?


David Vance said...

Have to agree with you, Cameron is hopeless

Uncle Marvo said...

CMD was hopeless until the hopeful announcement that he is pro referendums on anything that people want referendums on.

Sadly it is ill-conceived but the Constitutional Reform proposal is better-conceived.

It may yet happen. I'll believe it when I see it though.